Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi asking Adi to agree that he is getting old. Adi says you are not 16 years but I am young and pulls her leg. Avantika asks Adi to stop pulling her leg. Ambika takes Adi’s side. Everyone smiles. Sheela says this is called so haans-saanson ka joda. Chachiji praises Sheela’s dance. Chachiji gives the gift to Anuradha for the dance performers. Chachiji gives the gift to Adi and Pankhudi. Govardhan mama says that Payal is his wife’s niece. Anuj says it is good that you took her here. Mami says that they are searching for groom for her. Everyone says they shall sleep early. Adi says he will also sleep and asks Pankhudi to come. Chachiji says you people aren’t married yet. Mami asks him to wait some more. Sameer tells Adi that tonight he have to be in their company.

Nirmala asks Preeti to eat food and asks Avantika to make her understand to take care of herself. Preeti feels pain in her back. Avantika asks, is this normal. Nirmala says she is tensed about it and says we will get to know after getting the reports. Preeti says she is fine. Sameer comes and says they shall leave now. Govardhan mama and mami tells Pankhudi about Payal’s mother death in a car accident. Govardhan mama says that’s why he brought her here to uplift her mood. Mami asks Pankhudi to tell about the groom if she has anyone in mind. Pankhudi obliges. Payal comes and praises Pankhudi. Kaira comes and asks Pankhudi to come. She asks Payal to join them.

Adi suggests Antakshiri, Payal says it is good. Adi pulls her leg. Latika recalls Sheela insulting her. Harish asking her to leave and Rubel slapping her. He tells Rubel have to pay for her stay and Adi and Pankhudi will be the reason for it. Rubel sits beside Payal. Pankhudi asks Adi to search his name in the mehendi. Kapil and Anuradha gets closer. Adi tells Pankhudi that it is very complicated. Anuradha tells Kapil that he couldn’t search his name in their mehendi. Kapil says I remember. Adi gets successful in searching his name,surprising everyone. Payal says she is impressed with their love story but says she is bias about the arranged marriage. She says, her father is strict but she can’t trust the stranger. Pankhudi and Anuradha speaks infavour of arranged marriage. Payal says she doesn’t believe in. Kaira tells Adi that he spoiled her plan for a romantic evening. Adi says he is a God of romance and asks, will you teach me romance? They starts fighting. Sheela comes there to the youngsters shock. She says she is late naa. And says she came here to enjoy the party. Rubel says it is youngsters party. Sheela says you might be bored naa. Adi says no and says Pankhudi is about to imitate you.

Pankhudi says he is lying. Sheela asks her to imitate her. Pankhudi says she can’t do. Everyone cheers for her. Pankhudi starts imitating Sheela and says she is beautiful in Dholpur. And when she comes out of the house, people starts gossipying about my beauty. I am beautiful from heart also. Sheela stares at her angrily and then laughs after a pause. She says lets play the game and explains the game. Kapil says ok, I will start and asks Anuradha to answer. Kapil asks Anuradha whether she is getting fat? Anuradha says she isn’t, he might be thinking her fat. Kaira asks Revathi to sing. Adi tells Pankhudi that Kaira speaks more. Kaira says she will not fell in their trap. Sheela asks, why Payal is silent. Payal says she isn’t. Payal plays the game with Rubel. Everyone laughs. Next Anuradha loses, Adi says lets see how I will make Pankhudi lose. Adi says he said bye to his freedom as he is marrying her. Adi asks did he have a option to backout. Pankhudi says no and loses the game to Adi.

Dadaji tells Ambika that Deewan family is bearing the marriage expenses. Pankhudi comes and asks, what they are talking about? Dadaji says they were talking about her bidaai. Pankhudi asks him to say what he is hiding. Adi comes and says Dadaji is upset about the marriage expenses. Adi says it is our marriage and the expenses will be divided by both the parties. Dadaji agrees. Adi says family is there to fulfilled each other lackness. And says you gave us precious gift referring to Pankhudi.

Rubel sees Payal and thinks she is Kaira. Payal gets scared. Rubel says sorry. Payal asks him, whether he is doing intentionally. Rubel says sorry for late night and says nothing is deliberate. Payal says good for you. Latika’s mom informs Latika about Pankhudi and Adi’s remarriage. Latika says let them enjoy as soon they will cry. Latika says she is ready to strike and waiting for the right time.

Adi and Pankhudi meets Latika somewhere. Adi asks her lets come straight to the point and asks, what she wants from them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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