Suvreen Guggal 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 8th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with YuvReen crying. Yuvraj kisses Suvreen on her forehead. He asks did you really take your decision to go to kathgodam? Suvreen says yes. And then he starts smiling. Their background music plays on the background. Yuvraj releases Suvreen’s hands slowly. (it’s too emotional..) Both of them are crying. Yuvraj goes to the door and looks at Suvreen and then goes. Suvreen thinks: I love you Yuvraj. And then suvreen looks at her phone. She got a massage about the problem. Suvreen thinks where is Mumma and Puppa?? They are don’t there.

In the morning. Mumma, Puppa and Suvreen are packing. They are imagining their stay in Mumbai. And the door rings. Suvreen opens the door it’s soni. Suvreen gets angry and goes. Soni says you don’t have to go I’ll go . Mumma says we are going to kathgodam where do you want to go? Soni says to Suvreen you didn’t tell it to mumma and puppa? Suvreen says that they are taking you as their daughter, If they get to know what u did then they will get hurt. And then Suvreen goes.

In Yuvraj’s house. Yuvraj is sleeping on the floor. Samar comes with breakfast and says get up to Yuvraj. He gives breakfast to Yuvraj. Yuvraj gets up and says that he doesn’t have to do such things coz he is staying here. Samar says that he heard that if he helps someone then he will get what he wanted. Yuvraj asks him what do you want? Samar says I want what you want. :DD Yuvraj says that he has to stop talking like that coz he is not well. Samar asks him did you talk to good girl? Yuvraj says yes. But she is leaving Mumbai . Samar gets sad. He says that he can’t stop her by going. Samar says I will miss her yaar.! Yuvraj says from when did you start talking emotional? You are talking about missing my girlfriend? Samar says laughing. He says it’s your EX-Girlfriend! She was your girlfriend. She can be with anyone else now. Yuvraj says something about camera and the samar notices that they got late for shooting and then he goes. Yuvraj goes too.

Vikram tells what can we do without suvreen? He says it to pritty and rohan. He says that he got geeti back just because suvreen helped them. She is my best friend. Pritty agrees. Rohan says that suvreen took for first time a decision for herself so we have to be on her side. And then Alisha comes and hears everything and smiles.

Suvreen talks with Rehan on the phone. He says that its not a right decision to go to kathgodam and leave Mumbai. Suvreen says yes but what can I do when I stay here? RC says you don’t turn away! Don’T let them win suvreen! You are very talented. Suvreen says I don’t want to see my parents in trouble again. And then she hangs up. She thinks: I’m doing right na? please help me!

Alisha goes to Manani and tells that Suvreen is going to kathgodam and leaving Mumbai. Manani says that she won’t go so easily. But lets see.

In the next scene. Suvreen sees the clothes and all and remembers the date. And then she remembers what happened in Mumbai . she gets sad. Muma asks her did you eat something? Suvreen says yes. And then Puppa comes and tells that suvreen is not going. Mumma asks what? He says that he wanted to have second honeymoon.. :DD suvreen gets shocked. Puppa says she has works she will come when she finished them. Mumma says please come when you finish your work. Suvreen hugs her. Mumma goes to say goodbye to all. Suvreen asks puppa why he said that. He says that she has to win. He says do whatever you will do. And I know you won’t lose. You will win. And then please come back when you finished. Suvreen starts laughing. They hug. And then mumma comes. They go. Suvreen thinks: Now I’ll win coz my dad is with me. Mumma, yuvraj, rc sir are with me. I came to Mumbai to let my dreams come true. I’ll win.

Manani calls someone. And tells that don’t let her find a job.

Suvreen is alone in the house. And then she finds a picture from her and soni. She imagines how she met soni. And when she spent time with soni. She thinks how did my life changed soo much? She goes to the kitchen and finds a book. Everybody left. How can I live alone? She thinks I’ll do it and sits on the boxes and calls for jobs.

PRECAP: Manani calls a man and says that a girl with the name suvreen is coming for an interview do reject her. The man rejects it.

Update Credit to: Naz_YuvReen

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