Dil Dosti Dance 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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As Sharon falls, Kriya helps her get up. They run away from there but Kriya and Rey continues the performance. The performance depicts Kriya’s story and all about Dil Dosti Dance. As the performance ends, all the college appreciates them but the dean says that you 5 minutes are over Ms. Kriya. Can we please leave? He turns around and then stops and asks for a word with VP. They go inside. VP was apologizing someone on phone when they all came to his office. He points them inside and tells them that the dean is upset taking the hacking and wants to talk to the board of directors. Kriya says the board will expel them all but he says he will talk to the board of directors about it before their meeting. Swayam says if they don’t agree, but he says then it will have to take an action against them all. Rey says not all but he, because it was his idea. They were about to leave when VP says whatever the delegates and the board of director says but it was their best performance. They thank him and leave.

In the corridor, Rey says he will be very guilty if they get punished. They all scold him and Kriya says it was really their best performance. Rilli suggests celebrating, Kriya supports her. They agree. Swayam says he will bring the CDs and asks Kriya to go with him, she looks at Rey. They all cough and go together.

Rey and Kriya are going in Rey’s car. He calls a friend and asks he wants his CD’s that he took a month back. The friend says his Kaka will bring them down and he has also got some new movies. Rey asks will she listen to music till then. Kaka brings CDs. Kriya sees them and throws them away asking these are the movies he watch. She comes out of the car and goes away. Rey thinks why it always gets spoiled.

Bharat, Simmi, Rilli were fighting over the oranges while Nil and Vicky fights over the playing video games. Simmi comes to them and gets a toss done. They still fight over it. Everyone jumps in and starts to fight. They all call Swayam and Sharon to them. They were setting the table, Sharon was lost somewhere. He asks what she is thinking; she asks does he think they will get the affiliation? Swayam tells her not to take tension; whatever has to take place will happen. Right now all our friends are here and are happy, so we should be happy for this moment. She agrees and smiles. He tells her he was waiting for this smile and starts to go out. She stops him and asks why he is always so intelligent.

PRECAP: The board scolds them and says this should never happen again as it never did in St. Louis history. Kriya apologizes. The dean announces the final decision.

Update Credit to: Niki

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