Beintehaa 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya and Zain practice individually to profess their love towards each other. Zain brings her a rose bouquet, keeps it on their room table, and goes to washroom. Aaliya sees the flower and thinks who brought flowers. He takes a rose and starts pulling pedals saying he loves me, he loves me not. She pulls pedals of all the roses of flower bouquet. Zain comes back from washroom and sees flower petal all over the floor. He asks her what did she do. She says these are waste flowers, don’t know which idiot brought it, and says she will swipe them. Zain thinks these are not flowers, these are his heart’s wishes which she broke. Aaliya comes back and sees the floor clean. She asks about the flowers. He says he asked servant to swipe them. He then takes out flowers in a tray once she goes and says he cannot waste flowers which he brought it for his wife. Aaliya comes back and asks if he brought the flowers. He says yes. She asks for whom did he bring flowers. He says he brought them for Aroob and Sana as they like flowers a lot. Aaliya asks him sorry. He says it is ok, he will get them again.

Barkath angrily remembers Meer Khan being arrested and Aaliya saying that she will punish anyone who threats her in-laws and family. Barkath starts smoking beedi and says Aaliya got her abbu arrest and she could not do anything. She has to release her abbu soon, else her secret will be revealed.

Surayya is preparing breakfast. Nafisa comes to her and says they should do something for Barkath as Usman did. She says we should get Barkath get married soon and says she knows she wants a groom who loves her. Shaziya comes there and says Nafisa wants to say that she should get ghar jamai for Barkath. She then thinks Nafisa wants Rizwan to get married to Barkath, but Rizwan is Zain’s friend and he also thinks Barkath as his sister. Surayya says Shaziya is right and Nafisa should think of someone else. Shaziya says Nafisa she will not her get 51% property share for her brother Rizwan.

Barkath asks Aayath about Aaliya. Aayath says Aaliya is very strong minded and will not accept defeat easily. She easily identifies if someone is wrong near her. Barkath gets a call from law firm. Aaliya picks call thinking it is her phone and gets surprised hearing about the law firm. Barkath gets nervous hearing law firm name. Aaliya says Barkath she got a call from law firm. Barkath says she is getting wrong calls now a days and she did not call any law firm. Aaliya says okay and goes from there. Barkath thinks Aaliya cannot catch her lie so easily.

Aaliya comes to her room, sees Zain still asleep. She sees the flower petal in tray and picks the tray. Beintehaa…song plays in the background. She remembers Zain lying her that servant swiped flower petals and Usman asking her to tell her heart’s feeling to Zain. She thinks Usman is right.

Lawyer gives Meer Khan’s bail papers to inspector. Inspector asks who is bailing him. Inspector says Meer’s brother is bailing him and calls someone. Fake Ghulam Haider comes and says he is bailing out his brother. Inspector releases Meer Khan. Meer Khan comes out of police station and sees Barkath standing there. He hugs her and says he knew her daughter Bobby would bail her out. Barkath scolds lawyer and asks him not to say anything until she speaks on phone.

Zain wakes up and sees Aaliya holding flower tray. She asks him why did he tell that he threw the flowers. He says he asked servant to throw them, but he forgot. He says he will complain about servant to Chandbibi. Aaliya says she wants to tell him something. They both look at each other romantically.

Precap: Aaliya celebrates mother’s day for Surayya. Nafisa and Shaziya say she did good celebrating mother’s day as they don’t where will they celebrate next year’s mother’s day and say they want property to be divided now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  5. i want that aliya and zain express their feelings

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    And fast plzzzzzz…..

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