Ek Hasina Thi 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Akash coming to Sakshi and apologizing to her for coming late. She says my time is valuable. She says I have some urgent work. She says find out where is Payal now, Arun was working for Mathur, now you find out where he took Payal, I want Payal asap. Akash says yes. She says keep an eye on Durga Thakur, where she goes, whom she meets, everything. She says if you do this work perfectly, your job will be permanent. Akash says I won’t disappoint you and leaves. Sakshi says Durga Thakur, you are young girl, you should not do anything hiding from mum, be careful.

She gets Raima’s call and smiles. She says I will be there on time. Raima talks to her guest in an painting exhibition. Sakshi comes and hugs her. Raima gets a call and leaves. Raima talks to Raj and says your better half was holding my hand, I really wish you were here. She says fine, I will come, message me where and come and when. I love you bye. She turns and is shocked to see Durga. Durga asks for her phone to make an urgent phone call. Raima thinks and thinks did she hear me, she can see last number of Raj. Raima says I will get another phone for you. Durga says its ok.

Sakshi sees Durga there. Raima says Durga has saved me when Jatin misbehaved with me in café and she has money, I will make her buy paintings and let me make some profit. Durga meets Sakshi and greets her. The artist knows her. He says I want to make a painting of you. Durga says thanks, it will be a mistake. As Sakshi is our inspiration, she praises Sakshi. Sakshi smiles. Durga says make her painting. Raima says Durga is right. The artist see them what can they see in blank canvas. Sakshi says I see a mother in it, a mum with a son, who protects her son like she smelled the danger and ends the problem before it gets close.

Sakshi says a mum can save her son and kill anyone for him. Everyone clap. He asks Durga what can she see. Durga says I see a woman. A broken and failed woman. She says how she turned into ashes and gets a new look and new birth, now she knows all her fears and knows her enemies, so no war is tough for her. Sakshi looks at her puzzled. Everyone clap for Durga. The artist makes the painting which Durga says. Everyone are shocked to see the painting.

Sakshi thinks she has to be alert. The artist praises Durga for inspiring him. He says I will gift this painting to you. Durga thanks him. She says someone gifted me Bhagwad Gita in morning, it looks truth will win. Sakshi leaves. Durga talks to Dayal thinking about Shaurya and Avantika. She says I have many plans and have to choose the best, Shaurya is a fool. Dayal blesses her. Durga meets Avantika in the badminton court.

Durga talks to her well and says all the best, lets start the game. They play. Durga talks about Shaurya and says he always talks about you. Avantika says he does not talk to me. She says how was Shaurya before and now he has changed. Durga says now he is doing social work, he is settling and looks he is getting married. Avantika is shocked. Durga says every girl wants to marry him, what happened. Avantika says I m sorry and gets upset. She leaves. Durga smiles.

She says I should tell sorry to you, you lived in misunderstanding and have to explain your dad that Shaurya thinks girls are toys for him.

Avantika’s dad brings proposal for Shaurya. Sakshi asks Shaurya and he says yes looking at Durga.

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