Dil Dosti Dance 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 8th January 2014 Written Update

Kriya decides to go to Doctor and come back before performance .She thinks Sharon will get hyper so she cant inform her.She forgets her phone in college so couldn’t inform Swayam.Gang is searching Kriya in college.Sharon tells Swayam Kriya is not responding her calls.Swayam taunts her on her concern for Kriya and says this event and all the performers are his responsibility .Rey is looking for Kriya and thinks she cant be irresponsible for such an important event.Vicky and Nil decide to find Kriya 1st or else they will get punished for plotting against Kriya.Someone informs Rey that Kriya went somewhere in a cab .Rey is shocked to know this.Kriya reaches hospital.She goes and meets her doctor who knows her .He examines her leg and he tells her to take rest.Kriya asks him to give

some pain killer.Doctor says he cant let her go without full examination.Rey ,Swayam ,Sharon , Vicky and Nil are talking about Kriya.Rey asks Vicky and Nil if they know anything.They deny.Sharon says she is tensed about Kriya.Doctor tells Kriya she had ligament tear so she needs complete rest till 3-4 days.She informs him about Annual day but he is not ready to let her dance in this condition.In college Swayam tells everyone to get ready.Rey asks him how to perform without Kriya.Amar,Nil and Vicky comment that Kriya never considered herself as a part of this college.Ashi says Kriya cant do this.Rey says he will do anything to save college reputation.Sharon tells him its difficult to do solo in such less time.Bharat and Sharon start arguing on this.Swayam tells them to get ready.Rey prays Kriya proves her wrong this time and come back.

Kriya tells Doctor to let her go as her team is waiting for her.Doctor tells her to call and inform that she cant come.She gets the number from information team of hospital and calls college office.They fail to reach anyone as office is closed due to annual day.Gang get ready for group dance.Nil and Vicky are tensed that where is Kriya .They hope she is fine.Vicky asks Nil if he added wrong medicine.Rey thinks Kriya has not changed she is still the same.Swayam comes and say he spoke to HOD and informed about Kriya.Group act they need to do without Kriya.Rey says Swayam how to do duet without Kriya.Swayam gives him hope that they have some time and Kriya might come back.

Kriya tells doctor that she is not feeling pain,she can go and perform.Doctor says she cant go as he just gave her pain killer she is not feeling pain.Doctor goes to see other patient and Kriya leaves the room saying she cant let down her friends.She manages to walk with pain and leaves for college.

Gang’s performance is announced.Announcer says there is surprise dance from Kriya and Rey .Rey gets tensed after hearing the announcement.Swayam says he told them that Kriya is not performing .He goes to check.Kriya tries to get a cab.Gang start their performance.They perform on Badmash company and Dhoom song.Crowd cheers for them.Gang go to backstage and they are happy about their performance.Swayam says next act is Swayam-Sharon duet so he tells Sharon to get ready.She goes to get ready for performance.Rey is tensed about his dance with Kriya and he thinks Kriya is indisciplined .She is not serious about annual day for which they worked so hard.Kriya is trying get a cab to reach college and perform with her friends.

Precap- Sharon shouts on Swayam that he has to complete the conversation he started,.Swayam says he broke up with her because she is confused if she loves him.Sharon says she loves him so she is doing all these things.Swayam says if she really loved her she couldnt do such things.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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  1. Kriya plzz cme back n prove yourself that u r not wrong n clear all d misunderstanding..

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