Main Naa Bhoolungi 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 8th January 2014 Written Update

Sameer and Shikha are dancing to the song “Mere haath me tera haath ho.” Sameer proposes her. Shikha looks at her parents. Avinash nods his head to say yes. Shikha accepts Sameer’s proposal. Lights get off, and stalker writes something on the projector screen. Everybody sees it. Stalker says I love you Shikha and disappears. Shikha informs Sameer and Avinash that stalker had come here. Sameer starts chasing the stalker.

Van hits the stalker while chasing. Shikha with her and Sameer’s parents come out. Shikha sees stalker on the ground and shouts. Sameer asks her not to see the stalker. Police comes and they turn the stalker’s body. Everybody sees stalker’s face and try to remember who he is. Stalker opens his eyes. Inspector

drags and takes him to Shikha and asks her if she identifies him. She says no. Inspector asks Sameer. Even Sameer says he does not know him. Inspector drags him to the van. Stalker warns Shikha that Sameer will not keep her happy and he will come back. Sameer tries to console Shikha. Shikha hugs him and cries.

Shikha is still upset in the morning, but remembers how Sameer helped her all these days and smiles. She sees Sameer in a mirror and turns, but it is just her imagination. Someone nods her window and Shikha opens it. It is Sameer trying to enter her room via a pipe. Shikha helps him to get into her room. Shikha asks him why did he come at this time. She sees Sameer’s arm bleeding. She says she will get a Band-Aid. Sameer catches her hand and hugs her romantically.

He proposes her again to marry him by gifting her a ring. She blushes and laughs. He asks her again. She says yes. They hug intimately each other. Shikha asks Sameer to go, but he shows his wound. She goes, brings Band-Aid, and applies it on his wound. A song “Dil kahe kya raaz hai” is played in the background. They hug each other intimately again. Sameer says her bye and tries to go via the door. Shikha requests him to go via the pipe. He wishes her goodnight and goes via the pipe.

Inspector comes to the stalker’s cell. Stalker stares at him, so he slaps the stalker. Inspector asks constables to ask stalker about his whereabouts, else to beat him up. Shikha’s and Sameer’s parents ask panditji to check the date for marriage. Panditji informs them about the date 3 months from today. They distribute sweets to each other.

Boss asks Gappu to inform Shikha to stay at home today. Just then Shikha comes with sweets and wishes good morning. Boss asks about the reason for sweets. Shikha informs she got engaged. Boss congratulates her. Gappu gets tensed and asks Shikha not to joke. Shikha says she is not joking. Boss congratulates her again and asks if the groom is Sameer. Shikha nods yes.

Avinash and Sudha are planning Shikh’s marriage. Avinash says he will book a five star hotel for marriage. Sameer gets a call and he thanks the caller. He informs his parents that an American company appointed him as an MD. They congratulate him. Shikha gets a call, and it is Sameer on the other side. Sameer asks Shikha to meet him now. He says he can’t say her on the phone and he wants to surprise her. He asks her to meet him at a park. She says she will come after taking permission from her boss.

Precap: Sameer shows him house pics and says it is their house. They will stay in this house after marriage. Shikha gets happy. Sameer says he wants to give her happiness of the whole world.

Update Credit to: Mohammed

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