Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with the neighbour coming to Raghu’s home and asks for wheat grain aata. Lata asks about her family. Vandana says, we have heard that Raghu became house husband of Shivani. She speaks ill about Shivani. Baburaam taunts her daughter in law and praises Shivani. He says, my daughter in law is crorepati. Vandana says, you son went away from your hands. Bella asks her not to worry about them. She says, Raghu bhaiyya went there to fulfill his responsibility and he will come back to fulfill his responsibility for us. Vandana leaves.

Mahima and Aunty give the instructions to the servants. Shivani worries for the arrangement. Mahima says, everything will be done. Panna tai comes. Shivani asks her to check the arrangement. Panna tai says,

everything will be done. Raghu comes to her and says shall I help you. Shivani says, I don’t need your help. Mahima asks Raghu to act infront of Shivani’s friends. She asks him to act as Shivani’s husband. Shivani says, my friends want to meet you. Please don’t do any drama to trouble me. Do dil bandhe music plays. Nishi calls him and says, I am getting bored as you are not at home. Raghu says, I will come soon. Nishi asks him to come today. Raghu says, today your mamiji needs me and promises to come later. Nishi says, I will wait for you.

Bella asks Lata not to feel bad about other’s saying as it is their habit. Bella says, we are preparing lunch of his choice and decides to call him. Nishi says, he said he can’t come now as mamiji needs her. Lata says, I will prepare his favourite dish when he come back home. Lata says, it happened for the first time that Raghu is not there to eat his favourite dish. Maya says, we can go to the haveli. Lata says, it is not right. He might be busy. Maya says, I will go with Nishi. Nishi agrees to come. Lata says no. Baburaam gives his permission and asks her to let them go. Baburaam asks Lata to send Bella also. Lata agrees and asks them to come soon after giving the tiffin to Raghu.

Raghu is checking the arrangements. Servant calls him saheb. Raghu says, I am servant just like you. He hopes for Shivani’s smile. Jazz asks Mahima, what he shall wear at the party. Mahima asks him to look at the dress and laughs. Aunty laughs too. Mahima says, it is for special man. Aunty says, it is for Raghu. Jazz asks about the second dress. Mahima says, it is also for him. She says, we will give him a chance to prove him equal to us. Aunty says, he can acquire the property but he will be a servant always. She says, Shivani shouldn’t know this. I want Raghu to fall in Shivani’s eyes.

Panna tai tells Raghu that the arrangements have been done. Aunty comes and says, I brought suit for you. Wear this in the party. Raghu declines. Aunty says, wear it for Shivani. She tries to convince him. It is about Shivani’s prestige. Raghu is in dilemma. Raghu thinks to wear it for Shivani.

At the party, Shivani looks gorgeous in saree. Do dil bandhe music plays…Meghna and her other friends look at her. Shivani smiles.

Raghu takes Panna tai’s help along with others in wearing the suit. Panna tai says, you are looking handsome. Panna tai asks him to wear it fast. Meghna praises Shivani. She asks for Raghu. Shivani says, don’t know where is he. Raghu comes wearing the suit. He looks handsome. Shivani looks at him. Raghu feels uncomfortable. Mahima is jealous to see them. Shivani keeps on staring at him as if time stopped for her.

Shivani and Raghu have an eye lock. Aunty says, you looks like an owner now but I will make sure to get you insulted infront of everyone..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. I think Shivani is an ignorant, spoilt brat who cannot read in between the lines. She treats Raghu so badly (he doesn’t deserve her), she needs to get so badly hurt by her brother and sister-in-law, that she must hide in shame and not easily be forgiven by Raghu.

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