Dil Dosti Dance 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 5th September 2013 Written Update

Rey comes to the rehearsal hall early morning and remembers all the dance moments he has with team.He says to himself that he has to do this,he needs to bring back Swayam and Sharon.The team is incomplete without both of them.Sharon comes to rehearsal hall and sees him and turns away.Rey goes forward and asks her to speak with him. Sharon says No way she can never forgive him.Cause of him she has gone through a beak up.She adds saying She hates Rey and can not forgive him.Rey says to himself this can not happen Fight was there but break up it cant happen.

The team is in the canteen discussing what they should do.Vicky says about advertising and says other than dance this was the subject he scored.Simmi says good marks equals to passing marks.They discuss what they could

do.they were making fun of Vicky when Rey comes there.He tells to the team that he knows he did a big mistake but it was misunderstanding.Now he needs to bring Swayam and Sharon back to college.He devises a plan where he tells them to show as if team is still neglecting Rey and hence Sharon will speak.the team will act as messengers and give him the news.The team agrees to this act.

Vicky asks Rey has he informed VP about the team quitting dance.Simmi says its better to inform as they will be getting events now.Rey thinks now how will I inform VP sir that the college does not have a dance team now.VP sir is in cabin reading the newspaper about yesterdays act when Rey asks can he come in. Rey asks him to come in and questions him about the event.He says Jigsaw21 press conference turns into D3 conference and VP was not known.Rey says it was all in the last minute and he could not inform.Vp scolds him saying if something had happened Rey is a college student and still a part of college and he is answerable.Vp also says what happening Swayam resigned his position.Sharon wants to resign.The college is not winning in any team events.The scholarship results are out.The college has such immense individual talent but when it comes to team they fail. Rey is lost thinking if now he tells VP that college does not have a dance team what would happen.Vp says I feel even you must resign as you don’t know whats happening in college.Rey asks for the forgiveness and says yes he was off track for few days but now will fulfill all his responsibilities as AGS. Rey says he has an idea. VP asks is it damage control. He says yes.He then says why not have a team work workshop.Even they had issues with Adi cause of this..The college has individual talent.All want stardome and so they need to work in team to come out of it.If they go for a college tour it would be nice as college has competitive environment.He also says they had same to invite weeklings and drazlings. Rey also asks Sir to make it compulsory for all so no student misses.Rrey evens says even team decided to disband D3 team but he wont let that happen.

The notice is put up on the board and everyone reads it.The team in and reads it and all seem to be excited. Rey feels this will make team remember all the memories. The notice reads there is trip and its compulsory and students who dont attend will be restricted. Vp informs Sharon that as GS she must lead and see if all students take part actively and Aashi will help her out.Aashi asks about Swayam when VP says he will attend.Sharon walks in corridor thinking how will she handle Swayam .Its better he does not come.She then remembers the events in past and thinks why is she even bothered.

Nilesha and guys in canteen are enjoying thinking about trip. the discuss Sharon being the GS will come but what about Swayam.Aashi comes just then and says he will come. Aashi says its Rey’s plan. Vicky says then Swayam wont come.Aashi says he will.Rinni asks is that same what they decided. Rey says yes.It time to execute and all must act.Barath asks will this work.Rey says he hopes for the same.Aashi says she haerd that they were showing o worst faces to Rey.Simmi says he does the act.. Rey says its old place and will relive old memories. Barath says what about Swayam even his dad will melt.They then decide that let them not bring their dads there.
Rey thinks Thank God you helped me in each step please stay with me now too

Precap: Rey says they will not get into bus till Swayam comes.Sharon says they have to else she will inform VP and the bus will leave.The team gets into the bus quickly.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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