Do Dil Ek Jaan 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 5th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Noor having a talk with Antara about Arshad. Noor says this was yours and Raghu’s plan. Raghu tells everything to Aaji. Raghu says I am surprised that the plan worked. Antara asks Noor what do you dream about your marriage, does Arshad fits in your dream man image. Noor says yes, I felt he is the one for me. Noor tells Antara that we meet our special someone and don’t realize its love. Antara listens to her. Raghu says Aaji now I will leave, its late now. Aaji says where, to play the mouth organ. Raghu says yes, she does not sleep without listening to it. Aaji says who. Raghu makes excuses and say I will play it for myself, I get good sleep after playing the mouth organ. Aaji says I know you. Noor asks Antara how do you want your groom. Raghu starts playing

the mouth organ. Antara and Noor hear it. Antara says I don’t know it yet, but I feel he is very close to me.

Raghu is in his balcony playing the mouth organ. Aman is packing his bag and gets a letter. He thinks of Raghu and how they met in Kashmir. Raghu said him that he does social service. Aman met some people who gave him money. Aman says Raghu is a very good man, if possible forgive me. Antara comes to Arshad’s shop. Raghu also comes there and asks when are you deciding your marriage, tell me. Arshad is shy. Raghu stops Antara and says ask Noor to get ready. Antara says marriage is not a joke. There are many things in it. Raghu says tell me. Antara says I don’t know.

MachMach comes and says we will know about weddings going into someone’s wedding. Antara says how can we go in anyone’s wedding. Raghu says its my friend’s wedding. Antara says how can I go. Raghu asks her to come with her. Raghu says I have the invitation, you come with me. Antara agrees. Antara leaves. MachMach says what we have to do. We have to arrange a wedding now. Raghu says find out about anyone’s marriage, we will attend it. MachMach says Antara will be with us. Raghu says I will take care. Antara asks Ishaan why he is coming alone. Ishaan says they did not allow me. Antara asks someone why did he not allow Ishaan. She argues with him. She comes to know that its Raghu’s order. She takes Ishaan with him. She asks Ishaan to go home as she has to go to Aaji’s house. MachMach and Raghu are finding out whose Nikaah is there tonight so that they can attend the nikaah.

MachMach names out few grooms and brides. Raghu asks him to get ready. MachMach says Antara will react when she finds out the truth, so lets her now. Raghu says she won’t come with us if she finds out. MachMach says lets tell her. Antara comes and asks what truth. MachMach and Raghu are tensed. Antara asks again. Raghu says yes we should not hide it. MachMach says you don’t know whats going to happen. MachMach is about to tell her, but Aaji comes there and says even I m coming with you all. Raghu says yes. MachMach says we spoke to Aaji as you would be feeling bored alone. Antara asks about the grooms’s name. Aaji saves Raghu and MachMach by sending Antara for some work. Aaji asks MachMach what they were talking, she says I heard everything. MachMach says its Raghu’s plan. Aaji says I saved you but I won’t lie, I m coming with you all. Raghu says why, we will take care. Aaji says I saved you, I will come to have biryani and other foods at the wedding. Antara brings water for Aaji.

Raghu agrees and leaves. Aaji asks MachMach to do some work. Antara says I have some work and leaves. Antara stops Raghu and is about to slip. Raghu sees her and says careful. Antara says I m fine. She says I want to talk to you. He says say. She says about the work being done on the road in their area. Antara brings Raghu with him to that spot. Manohar tells Daya Mai is going to come soon. Raghu tells his friends not to stop the school’s kid’s autos. Manohar says don’t you know who is coming next week. Daya Maai is coming. Raghu says I know. Manohar says thats why we are doing the security. Raghu saus I know Kaka, I have said them, but its not good to stop the kid’s auto. Raghu tells them not to stop the autos and aloow them in their area. Manohar asks why. Raghu says what why? He tells him about Ishaan. Antara says the thing is not only about Ishaan, its about other kids too. She says this is wrong. Manohar says now you will tell us what to do. Raghu interrupts and says do as I say. He leaves with Antara. Antara thanks him and slips while walking.

She holds Raghu and Raghu looks at her hand in his arms. The song Mera Mahi Tu… plays.. in the background. They have an eyelock and an argument. She says her sandal got damaged and leaves. Raghu stops her and gets closer to her. She asks what. He says first tell me you won’t feel bad. She says yes.

Daya Maai entered the show. Antara stops her for making noise in the area. Raghu comes with Daya Maai.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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