Chanchan 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 5th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan asking Manav why are you cutting Rupali’s call. He says I will talk to her later. Chhan Chhan thinks Manav is hiding something. Rupali thinks Manav can’t go far from her. Rupali thinks of talking to Manav. Matilal asks where is Dada ji. Dada ji comes and says your bahus are the best in cooking. Everyone have breakfast together. Manav says you don’t praise us like this. Dada ji praises Manav. Mokut gets a call and he gets worried. Matilal asks what happened. Mokut says Manthan called and said someone lodged a police complaint against us. Manav asks who. Mokut says someone has said we cheated with him. Mokut and Manav leaves for the office. Matilal says no one said like this earlier, even I should have been there at the office. Manav says we will take care, you don’t worry. Everyone looks on.

Mokut and Manav comes to office and asks Manthan who did the complaint. Manthan says someone lodged a complaint against us for false reasons. They check their records. Manav gets a message from Rupali. Manav says I will be back. Chhan Chhan asks Kaumudi since when do you know Rupali. Chhan Chhan says don’t hide anything from me, I want to know about Rupali and Manav. Rupali sees Manav’s photo and talks to his photo. She gets mad over Manav. Kaumudi says there was nothing like you were thinking, many girls liked Manav, but he did not had any relation with any girl. Manav used to tell us everything. Chhan Chhan is relieved. Rupali talks to herself and says Manav is everything for her.

Chhan Chhan says they are just friends, but its not that I m doubting Manav, whenever I hear Rupali’s name, I feel she is not like the one she looks to everyone. Rupali says I joined business for you. She says she made the plan to meet Manav again in her life. It was all her plan. She says I made a mistake. I thought you are single, but you got married, you did not wait for me. Chhan Chhan says Rupali has many things in her mind, she is clever. She says Manav came to know something about Rupali, which he is not sharing with me. Manav comes to Rupali and she says so finally you are here, forget what I said yesterday. She flirts with him saying lets talk about some business. She says you will get what you want, and I will take it from you what I want. Manav says my decision did not change. Rupali says she made the police complaint. She warns him. She says I can take the complaint back. Manav says I will show the world what you are. Rupali says who will listen to you, I m your friend, I know everything.

Manav is about to leave. She stops him saying don’t let your family lose out. Manav says I did not think you would do this, just wait and watch I do. Manav leaves in anger. Chhan Chhan askd Ranjana and Sanjana to take rest. Ranjana says we have to work hard. Kaumudi comes there and discuss about the fraud case. Kaumudi says Sanjana is having fever. Sanjana says I m fine. Sanjana faints in the kitchen. Chhan Chhan tells this to Dada ji and says they are working very hard, Sanjana is not listening to us, she wants to work hard. Dada ji says I want them to be honest. Chhan Chhan says they need you. Dada ji agrees.

Mokut, Manek, Manthan and Manav meet the client in the police station. Manav says we don’t know him. The man speaks against Matilal. Manav gets angry and beats him. The police inspector warns Manav not to do this. The inspector asks everyone to support them. Mokut asks Manav what were you doing. He says lets go home now. Manav comes home sad. Chhan Chhan sees him and goes to him. She says did you find out that man. Manav says that man was fraud and this …..He stops saying. Chhan Chhan makes him relax. She says you can tell me what you are hiding from me. Manav says if I tell you anything, try to understand. Chhan Chhan says ok. Manav tells her what Rupali did. Chhan Chhan is shocked. He tells Chhan Chhan that Rupali did this complaint. He says no one will understand, she is harassing me and blackmailing me. Chhan Chhan says lie fail infront of truth. She says trust yourself, everything will be fine. Manav hugs her.

The next morning, Manav and Chhan Chhan wake up. She asks did you not sleep. He says no. Chhan Chhan says don’t take tension, we should think about good moments and live life. She says I have an idea. She says we will go on a long drive. She asks him to get ready.

Chhan Chhan and Manav are going on the drive. Chhan Chhan sees corn and buys it. Manav smiles. She tells Manav about her childhood. Manav is happy and says your dad is always right. Rupali sends a man to trouble Manav. He comes infront of Manav’s car purposely. Chhan Chhan screams Manav. Manav hits him and that man falls. Chhan Chhan and Manav are shocked.

Manav and Chhan Chhan take the man to the hospital. The doctor says we cannot save him. Chhan Chhan and Manav are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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