Dil Dosti Dance 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Amar comes inside. rinni shouts his name excitedly. He says you look beautiful. She says he didn’t tell her while leaving. He says he has something important to do but is back. She says thankyou but he says those who have to be together get together in the end. He presents her with a gift, t was her favourite chocolate cake which she cuts and appreciates. She hugs him, he wipes his tears and tells her to remember him if ever she needs him. She asks if everyone is here, he says only Rey hasn’t come.
Kaka wakes Rey up, he wakes up and says shit, he is late. He checks his cell phone that Kriya didn’t texted.
Nil asks why Rey hasn’t come. Swayam says he told him he will come late tonight. Jignesh comes there with his family. They all wave to greet him. Vicky says we have found a good guy for Rinni. The rituals start. The boys go inside to bring Rinni. Amar takes Rinni’s hand and make her sit on the sofa; he then gives her hand in Jignesh’s. Rey comes running; he tells them he was asleep. Swayam asks did Kriya arrive. He tells him there was no text from her.
Then engagement ceremony takes place. Jignesh thanks them all that he came here. He says there were some misunderstandings, some jokes but we all enjoyed a lot. He thanks Rinni’s friends, and a special thanks to Amar who made him understand then else he had left. They all clap and goes for a photograph. Vicky and Nil announces a dance.
They all dance.
During the fun Rey thinks about how to tell them about the orders. He says he has to tell them. at night they all sat out door. Simmi was upset, Sharon asks sad, simmi says Happy-Sad. Sharon says life goes on and hugs her. Rey was lost; Sharon asks her what the problem is. He was serious and stands up. He says he want to tell them all that there is another problem taking affiliation, they can’t take us all in the academy. They can only take four people. They say that they all worked equally for it. Rey says they say they can’t afford more than four people and those four people have to take the interview and test. Bharat says so the Kriya knows it too. Rey says that’s why Kriya went to New York. Bharat asks why he didn’t us yesterday, he announces we all know those four people will be Sharon Kriya Swayam and Rey. They all stop him but Bharat says sharon’s mom is the board member, she and her boyfriend are confirmed, Rey and Kriya will got in as Kriya got the affiliation. Bharat says who are you to take our decisions, and whats the use of this drama of interview. They all get up to stop him but he shouts that it is his whose dream will break and will have to do work in garage. He leaves.
Swayam apologizes Sharon on Bharat’s part. She puts finger on his lips saying he is her friend as well. He keeps her hand on his lap, and thanks her for understanding their friends. She hopes Rey understands this, she says the situation is wrong actually and she doesn’t want that there comes differences between their team.
Sharon’s mom was waiting for her in the window. The rickshaw stops, Swayam gets cough upon which Sharon holds him.

PRECAP: Inside Sharon’s mom gives Swayam water and says Good Night to him saying she will tell Sharon. Rey tells VP sir Bharat was very upset, Rey stops Bharat leaving who argues him.

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