Main Naa Bhoolungi 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu is having breakfast with her family. Aarya says she should try the special breakfast as it is purnima/full moon day today. Madhu remembers Shikha’s words that she will come back on purnima day to get back her son. Maid comes with Arnav/Manav there. Madhu gets frightened and runs from there. Samaira says Mohanto that Madhu is under a lot of stress and they have to take her to an outdoor camp. Mohanto agrees and asks Aditya to bring Madhu down.

Neeraj informs Sudha that Shikha is executing her final plan today and he is going to help her today. Sudha says she wants to bless Shikha, but she is not here. Mahi takes out a letter and thinks she will inform Shikha about Neeraj’s love for her. She keeps letter in a holy book and hands it over to Neeraj.

Aditya bings Madhu down. Mohanto says they are going out on a trip to make her relax. Aditya and Madhu come out in a car. Aditya gets out of car and leaves MAdhu in. Neeraj disguises as old man and frightens her by saying Shikha has come back and will get back her son on purnima day. Madhu starts shouting in fear. Aditya comes back and asks Madhu to relax. Madhu says she does not want to go on a trip. Neeraj meets Shikha and says he did his work. Shikha says she will make Madhu fightened to the core today.

Neeraj and Shikha are traveling in a car. Neeraj gives Geeta to Shikha. Shikha takes it and sees an envelope in it. She checks the envelope and is it empty. Neeraj is seen holding the letter in his hand.

Mohanto is traveling in a car. He says hope Madu gets well soon. Aarya asks Jai what happened to Madhu these days. Jai says even he does not know, but it is good Mohanto has kept her out of office.

Aditya and Madhu are traveling in their car. Aditya stops the car and says it is not starting. He asks Madhu to sit in a car until he repairs the car. Madhu sees Shikha inside the car and gets frightened. Shikha asks her to give back her son Manav. Madhu comes out of car shouting and says Shikha is in the car. Aditya checks and says there is no one in the car. Madhu says she saw Shikha’s ghost in the car and shows a toy which Shikha was holding. Aditya says it is Arnav’s toy and opens it. Shikha shouts again seeing it. Madhu says she wants to drive the car and takes driver’s seat. Shikha sees them going.

Neeraj comes and asks why did not she go. Shikha says Madhu did not want to go to camp and went back home. Mohanto on the other side informs Sunaina that Aditya called and told that Madhu is acting schizo again and they both went back home. He asks driver to take them back home.

Shikha gets angry that her plan of sending Madhu to mental assylum failed. She meets Aditya and says she will execute the plan of making Madhu mad soon and asks where is Madhu. Aditya says she is in room and asks what she is planning now.

Precap: Madhu gets angry on crying Arnav and takes gun to kill him. She shouts Shikha. Aditya, Samaira, and others run towards her hearing her voice.

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