Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seema tells them that which mother wants bad of her children, they were all in the hall. Shayl says that after Guru ji coming to their house the problems increased. Seema says Guru ji saved them from so many problems but Bauji says what is good in the belief which brings problems in a family. He tells Gunjan and Mayank to go in their room. Her husband also scolds her.
Gunjan is worried, Mayank comes to her and says he knows whatever mom is doing is for their good. He requests him not to stop them for their belief. She asks wasn’t their life good before this belief. He gets irritated and asks her to sleep as he has to go to office early.
KT was having coffee thinking about Rachna and Rajiv. Rajiv comes to him and says rain is predicted today. KT says in Banaras anything can happen anytime. Rajiv says he is feeling something which he never did in his life. KT asks what he thought about it then. He says he thought about him and Rachna. He says he thinks he is also between them, and asks does he feel jealous seeing him and Rachna together. KT says why would he get jealous. Rajiv says I knew this would be your reaction, and why would you feel jealous when you already have a girl friend. The rain starts as soon as Rajiv begins to confess something to him. Rachna plays in the rain, Rajiv exclaims how beautiful she is, love had to take place. He says he never believed he would love Rachna so much. KT asks what about Rachna? Rachna sees them and waves saying Bye KT! They both wave. Rajiv says she will also begin, as soon as he steps forward and asks him to wish him luck.
The man come to Guru ji and tells him that Seema called to tell him she couldn’t make them sleep separately. He thinks now they will have to put Mayank in a further big problem.
Mayank goes outside and says Guru ji prevented him from rain today. He sits in the car, put flowers in front of Guru ji’s car. His man comes from back. Seema lights the ‘diya’, Mayank comes across a truck, he pulls the breaks but cant make to it. His car goes into a tree and has a severe accident. Seema gets a call, phone drops off her hand. They all come to her asking; she was in shock and tells them Mayank had an accident.
She looks at Gunjan and says see you didn’t listen to me but you all didn’t listen to me when she said something bad is going to happen. She says if they don’t listen to her anymore, she will take her son and leave the house. Everyone was shocked. Her husband scolds her for not listening, Seema says Gopal called and told her that Mayank didn’t get any injuries because Guru ji’s photo was there is his pocket. Shayl says thanks God that this bad went away, Seema says it hasn’t gone away. Mayank come in, Gunjan goes and hugs her. She asks is he alright, he says with the blessings of Guru ji he is alright. He kisses his photo, Gunjan is shocked. Seema says God may save him from everything bad. Gopal says Mayank was saved from a big accident. Seema tells Gunjan to take bath, put on Sindoor and light a ‘diya’ in temple, can you do this for her husband. She agrees and tells Rachna to go for work, she will look here. Shayl says everything will get finer, Gunjan says this accident shouldn’t have taken place today as it increased her blind belief.
Gunjan again finds Seema reading something from a paper which she hides seeing her. Seema tells Gunjan she can’t go inside to her room, today is Thursday and she must wear orange dress today. She begins to argue but Mayank comes out and tells Gunjan a list of colors that should be worn on each day of the week. Gunjan leaves to change.
Seema makes prayers, she says she is happy to make Gunjan agree. She says he shouldn’t eat what Gunjan cook and stay away from Gunjan for a few days. He agrees and says he has to go office. Seema puts something at the door way but drops a paper from her saree there.
Rachna comes to find her desk decorated with red-baloons. She stops KT by saying Sir. She corrects herself and says you did this but there was no need for this, as he can scold her anytime. KT says she thinks his taste is that bad, this all has been done by that sir of her’s due to whom she always keep on saying ‘Sir! Sir!’ Rachna thinks Rajiv sir is trying to make up between her and KT but he doesn’t know no one can get to what is going on in KT’s mind. KT thinks how I shall tell you that I made such wonderful plans to propose you Rachna.

PRECAP: Gunjan finds the paper upon which instructions by Guru ji were given to keep them both separate. Bauji shows it to Seema who is shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. come on guyz stop it now

  2. Rajiv get out of k.t’s house

  3. Yesterday, some of you were not happy with Rajiv the Interloper, but me… I am ecstatic just watching KT sweat. He was having it too easy. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! ROTFL! Anyway don’t worry the writers will give you all your KT-Rachna Jodi. LOLOLOL!

  4. I find seema is so stupid. And if kt loves rachna he should just tell her. Dont take his anger out on her.

  5. Com on kt be a man n tell rachna u love her. Can’t u see rachna loves u, plz make rachna n kt a romantic couple quick, I soo love kt smile, he too cute

  6. Rajiv u need to get out of kt house, u over stay, u only getting in between rachna n kt love life

  7. I hate rajeev why he is interfere between kt and rachna life . He should join them together

  8. Ha ha ah all u guys real dumb..
    Ha ah ha ha lol lol lol

  9. I wonder wat Rajeev is up to…
    He never liked Rachna…….

  10. [email protected], Rajiv never liked Rachna!! Really? Tell how that story goes since I was not watching during those episodes.

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