Dil Dosti Dance 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 5th April 2013 Written Update

Taani is ordering few students to do some task.She comes near Basket ball court Swayam sees her and asks she is here he was searching her all around.Swayam asks her about it.Aashi being the Cs.Taani says does he also think like Sharon that she rejected Sharon’s suggestions wantedly.He says no and adds that even Sharon won’t think so.The ball from the court comes and hits on Taani making her phone fall down.The attender asks the boys to come when Taani says its not their fault.

Rey and Sharon are speaking when Sharon asks Rey to visit Wesford college and get their payment.Rey asks her how much to which she told that they old depending on the performance so she expects more than 15,000.Rey asks Sharon for help as its Taani’s birthday tomorrow and he does not know what to gift.Sharon thinks and says wrap yourself and give she will love it.Sharon says that he must asks some romantic guy.Rey says thats the problem as Swayam is Taani’s brother.She says how will she know.Rey says really.She says she knows where is he dragging this and she tells Sharon and Swayam can never be together and reminds that Rey had promised that he wont ask for the reason..Aashi asks Sharon she needs her help.Rey moves to get the payment.Swayam receives a call from his dad.He asks him what has happened to Taani’s mobile.Swayam says she is with him.Dad says that its Taani’s bday tomorrow and since he is hera he wants to celebrate it as a prty.He says he wanted all Big personalities but Swayam says Taani wont like it.His dad is like dont teach me what to do.He asks her to invite his friends and not go for Dance event.Swayam replies saying even he is his brother.

Sharon seaks with Aashi.Aashi tells that she needs help on how to boss with Swayam.Sharon is shocked and asks Aashi if she wants to boss around.Aashi says not so but just that people must not say that swaym is working under a silly boss which both you and me wont like.Sharon says OK she can come and get her help anytime.

Rey comes to the Wesford college.The manager is speaking with someone over her phone.Rey knocks the doors and the mangers guessers him to come in.Once Rey is in the manager asks him to take the check and leave.Rey sees the amount and is tensed.He says he needs to speak.He asks him why only 5000 when he knows they performed well.The manager says how does he know when he was not here.The manger says their guest of honor was not impressed.Rey asks is it Mr.Shekhawat .When the manager says yes he moves out.He is walking in the corridor when he remembers his recent convo with Taani regarding Swayam’s dad and also Swayam sharing his feeling.He comes to the entrance where he finds a group of guys having issues with playing basket ball.He joins the team who are shorter and starts to play.When a guy from the other team comments Rey says he remembers the lines said by his very good friend “Comments mai apne talent to waste nahi karna chayea.”.The match starts ,Mr.Shekhawat comes into the college when he sees Rey playing BB and stands to watch the match.He asks his colleagues what do you think.At the end Rey remembers their basket ball match to bring back dance when Swayam gave his last short and puts up the ball into the basket.Mr.Shekhawat sees this and is impressed by Rey.He says to his colleagues that this was a nice shot.The team mates hug and Rey moves from there when Mr.Shekhawat stops him.

Precap:Rey stops .Guys plan if they must attend Taani’s birthday.Neha says Sharon not to attend owing to their clashes.Boys asks Rey to act as if he has forgotten her birthday.Rey says No and he will give her surprise party at 12.Sharon asks Swayam if all is fine between him and his dad.The gang in Swayam’s home when Mr. Shekhawat shouts at Swayam.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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