Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th April 2013 Written Update

At Kashi Gannu bhayya is supper happy to walk with his mother dear.. which explains the smile he wore.
Mr Golu master Gannu bhayya asks mata Parvati to cover herself as she has t go to Kashi in disguise
As they walk Parvati ma tells that she wishes to rest under the tree… SO they decide to stop by..
On the other hand a group of asuras pass by that way and happen to see Parvati devi and Ganaesh.

(Seriously! I felt it was like some cliche movie with a villain eyeing ladies and the hero comes and saves the day!
One of the asuras speak “Do you know who she is?”
the other says “No!”
“Its Mahadev’s wife Parvati ” says the former one
They guess that she is powerless and plans to take advantage of the situation.
The bad asura feels that he’d be honoured for doing a great thing such as kidnaping Parvati devi.

“Why aren’t you still calling me son ” says Ganesh
Ganesh now plays tricks with his mum saying her that Adi Yogi guru ji has ordered them to play as mother and son when they are at Kashi.

When Parvati devi calls Ganesh as putr he taunts saying that, that was good but with a little more motherly feel!
Parvati devi says “Putr”
Hearing her say him putr he goes into flash back.

Then he goes to find some food in the forest… no sooner he leaves the asuras go towards Paravti devi .

At Vaykunth
Naradji tells that they need to intervene as Parvati mata is powerless now.
Vishnu dev tells that Parvati devi is Mahadev’s wife and undoubtedly he wont let anything happen to her.

“But I do doubt” says indr
Naradji mocks Indr dev is worried taht too for others…
At one side Mahadev’s wife is in trouble and the other side one part of Mahadev is starting to become the master of the asuras.

He continues that the world will be in grave danger and for both of the issues only Mahadev is the reason.
Naradji tests Indr asking according to him which problem is grave?

Indr says that according to him Mahadev and Parvati devi’s issue is their personal and no one should interfere.
where as Jalandhar, he plots to take revenge from all the devtas… Vishnu dev says that its the insecurity from Jalandhar has dragged him to go there, but for the sake of the world .

Indr covers by saying that since the time Jalandhar’s mother died.. to which Naradji counters “Death or murder?”

He again says that it was just an accident besides she was never his target.
It was she who came in between him and Jalandhar.
He justifies his mistake saying taht he did it for the good of the world..just like they say how Shukrachary’s mother was killed for the betterment for the world… Vishnu dev is shocked to hear this.

Lakshmi devi asks Indr to stay in his LIMITS!
The killing which he did for his own personal benefits, he is comparing it with Narayan’s leela|

She further explains Indr that whatever Narayan has done it was to save the dharma .. doesn’t he remember Shukracharya’s mother has given refuge to dangerous asuras!
Seeing that those asuras were very terrible and spread adharm Narayan had to kill her.

Lakshmi dev tells that whatever troubles all are facing this day he is the root cause for it but not Mahadev!

As he has killed the asura he has the sin of Brhmhatya … Its for hislife Jalandhar came into existence and the trouble in the married life of Mahadev and Parvati too is him. Did he ever gave it a thought that if he ha let the fire whcih was created from Mahadev’s third eye would complete its purpose this day they wouldn’t have seen such a situations

Lakshmi devi asks Indr to get lost of there.

Brhm dev the changes the topic and tells that they very well know Jalandhar’s powers.. as he is Mahadev’s part. Will it be right not to let Mahadev know abt Jal?

Vishnu dev tells that at the moment one shouldn’t distract Mahadev of his goal.

Back here Jal is gonna fight a war without even spilling a drop of bloodshed.
The army marches violently Jalandhar leaves his army and nears the opponent’s army… before any war there has to be one last peace talk… and that’s what Jalandhar did here.. he tries to make his opponent to his side saying that thye all hate devas and the one first to attack him has to be one whose family wasn’t ever attacked by devtas.

No one dares attack Jalandhar hearng to this..and Jalandhar goes near his opponent!

But still the man doesn’t accept Jal’s friendship amendment!
The opponent comes towards Jal with an intention to attack..but Jal stops him and twists his arms very hard… unable to bear the pain the man tells that he is at Jal’s side to defeat devas.

(on a lighter note… the other day when my mum saw Mohit-wa as Jalandhar she said “ya ki stickera lagalita haga”(whats with him and his stickers!..and that just cracked me into laughs))
Moving on… the whole battle field is echoed with praises to Jalandhar.

Utpal utters the age old dialogue “whose gonna save you now, dnt worry I wont harm you… we are gonna kidnap u!”

As he tries to near Parvati, huge thunder bolt lightnings hit the asuras passing thousands of volts of electricity through them… these are asuras wnt leave the opportunity so easily.
Agan as they try smoke appears and so does Mahadev …he pushes Paravti devi at the back of him as he did while he saved Sati.

Parvati devi gets flashes of her previous birth of Shiva saving Sati from the asura Vritrasur…and she is intoxicated with Shiva’s presence.. proximity etc etc..

Shiva glares the asuras with angry stairs. When she finds herself int he present moment she quickly takes off her hand and looks at Shiva.

He chases them off…and Utpal flies into the air by Shiva’s Trishul powers.
Ganesh enters and is horrified to see all this… and so is Paravti devi.

After all has finished Shiva turns to Parvati devi with a smile.

Jal asks Shukrachary abt hsi mother murderer… he replies what if the murderer is powerful
Gentleman Jal says a person who kills a women is never powerful!
Voice over : Jalandhar gets to know about his mother’s murderer and swears to take revenge from all the devtas.

Update Credit to: Killer_shark

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