Dil Dosti Dance 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rey comes to the head. He tells him that Lakhan and Alok are making the villagers against them. The head calls Lakhan, and asks did he made the villagers against him. Lakhan says he has a lot else to do, he may call the villagers and ask them. The head says politely, that without any proof he can’t do anything in this regard. Rey leaves.
They all make fun of Simmi’s cooking. Vicky says everyone’s is doing love, while he loves the witches. They think about Rey, who just arrive. He says he went to meet the head. Rey says he can’t do anything. Ishika comes there, and asks about Sara who isn’t in her room. Rey says she wasn’t with him; he scolded her she must have gone somewhere, annoyed. They all head to find her.

Rey calls Sara everywhere. He says they can’t trust this girl, who goes on tree or water. He says they can’t even trust Lakhan and Alok. Swayam comes to tell him, he couldn’t find her. Rey says they must take the car along. Ishika comes to the lake, calling Sara. She slips, and fell down on the lake side, when someone holds her. It was Raghv. He apologizes her for yesterday, she says she doesn’t remember what happens in the past. She asks does he have a problem now. He says no, he doesn’t have. He offers to go together, but she says they must look in different ways; it will be better to keep the paths separate.

They all come back. Rey says his car isn’t also there. They leave the food, and goes to look together into her room. There was a party arrangement, and a cake with Kriya’s photos on the walls. A cake lied in the centre; Sharon picks the letter that is from Sara. She says she is sorry; she had to go to Mumbai as her mum isn’t well. She couldn’t say bye to them, but she wanted them to celebrate Kriya’s birthday as one can wish someone whenever and wherever you want. They all head to celebrate the birthday. Rey cuts the cake. Bharat plays music, they dance.

In the morning, Swayam comes to Rey and asks what has happened. Rey says only two days are left. Swayam tells him not to take tension, as they are practicing. Rey says he wants the villagers to dance with them. Rey says since the boycott, they have moved two steps back.

Sharon thinks what she must wear today. She finds a piece of paper, it was a letter from Swayam. She opens it and reads excitedly. It said, Dear Sharon, I want to see you as Manika tonight, my next love letter will tell her about the venue. She jumps in elation, and goes to tell Simmi. Then thinks, she must let it be a surprise. She says she will keep waiting for his next love letter.

They all practice for dance. Karma says sorry to Huma, for a mistake. She asks why is he apologizing. Karma says it will be so beautiful if they say sorry, for someone else’s mistake. Raghv takes the attention, to dance again. Huma says may be she is over thinking. Ishika asks what she is thinking, Huma says Karma is being extra sweet to him. Huma suspects there is something wrong, the flowers then the sweetness. Ishika laughs, and says when boys feel something for you, they get confused. May be he liked her from day one.

Rey and Vicky discuss what they will do, Rey says he is unhopeful that anyone will help them. They suspect someone was listening to them. Rey says he won’t leave if it was Lakhan and Alok. It was Chintoo. He says how he will help them, if not listen to them. Rey asks what he wants to do. Chintoo says dance! He whistles, a bunch of people come out. Chintoo says they want to dance with them. Rey is excited, and holds Chintoo up saying he is his champion.

Sharon comes out of bath, and finds another letter showing the path. There lied a letter saying Tonight, you journey will start and calls her to a place at 8 at night. She says it is done.

PRECAP: Sharon comes in a white saree, Swayam takes her to an illusionary home and kneels down to her with a ring saying he wants to be more than just a boyfriend for her, will she be more than just a girlfriend for him?

Update Credit to: Sona

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