Tumhari Pakhi 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Veer is talking with Ayan, Pakhi is stitching her Saree, Ayan ask about item bomb, they talk about Diwali fire crackers, Pakhi ask ayan to sleep, he goes to sleep. Pakhi is having congestion, veer looks at her, she coughs, veer goes from his room. veer comes in lounge and is frustrated, he looks at red chili jar from which pakhi has eaten, veer says don’t do this drama with me of pain, he puts red chili in water and drinks it, he feels spice, he goes from there.
Veer comesback to his room, Pakhi is sleeping on bed, veer sits on sofa and goes to sleep too. Suddenly the door is knocked in wee hours, veer and all family members comes on door of house, watchman says gate of house was open, don’t know if someday came in, Veer says I opened it last, I was walking in garden, but I closed the door after coming back in house, jiji says you seem worried veer, are you fine, he coughs, Pakhi thinks, Veer says I think I forgot to close the door, he leaves from there. Jiji stops pakhi and says see what you have done to my brother, he doesn’t even he closed the door or not, I always saw him smiling but he is not that anymore, I request you to not do this with him jiji says tomorrow is Diwali, there are mnay rituals you have to doo, don’t make goddess angry with your attitude, don’t do any drama in Diwali, do all ritauls. she leaves.

Scene 2
in morning, Pakhi comes to jiji and says happy Diwali, Jiji says I pray that you always remain with you brother and be happy with him, Pakhi goes to make Rangoli, Veer comes there and greet jiji, he looks at Pakhi making rangoli sitting near door area, he is mesmerized with her beauty and imagines he going to Pakhi and setting her hairs, Pakhi says I want my whole family to celebrate Diwali together, it turns out to be dream of Veer. veer goes from there.
Nandini greets jiji and says both duahgter in laws should take blessing from elders but Pakhi didn’t do it, jiji says pakhi have greeted me earlier and took my blessing, you always create drama, jiji leaves.
Ayan and Riya comes to veer, veer have brought fire crackers, he gives gift to Ayan and Riya, kumu, Ayan has got gift of guns, Ayan hugs veer. Ayan comes to Pakhi and shows her his color gun, he brings Pakhi is garden. Riya is happy that Pakhi have made sweets, Ayan takes sweets too, Ayan ask Pakhi to give sweets to veer too, Pakhi obliges and extends plate to Veer, Ayan says not like this, make him eat with your hands, Pakhi hesitant.. Veer ignores and gets busy in work. Pakhi goes from there, veer says I will do lighting of house, Riya you lit diyas.
Jiji gives Kumkum to Pakhi and says we have to put in doors. Nandini likes the necklace of Pakhi, Pakhi says anshuman have brought it, nandini says its very nice, Pakhi says if you like it then take it, it will look good on you, Nandini says really.. jiji shows her eye, Nandini says no anshuman have brought it so you wear it only.
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Scene 3
Veer stands on ladder to do the lighting, the main switch of electricity is closed by him but someone comes and have black gloves on hands and stealthily puts switch to on so that veer gets current, Pakhi comes there and is applying Kumkum on main switch wall when she sees switch of current and veer working on current, she is shocked and puts main switch to off before Veer could touch the live wire and get current, she pulls veer from ladder, veer falls on ground and pakhi on him, veer ask what are you doing, why did you pull me, Pakhi says you were doing work of current and main switch was on, veer says I had put it off, I don’t know what are you saying, you pulled me, Pakhi says you think that I am lying, all comes there, jiji ask what happened? Pakhi says he was working on current and main switch was on, jiji says veer what were you doing, Pakhi saved your life, you know how much power main line of current have, veer says I closed the main switch, Pakhi says so I am lying? Riya says you seem lost these days veer so maybe you assumed that you put switch to off but in actual you didn’t, jiji says its enough, where is your mind, what if anything happens to you, take care of yourself, veer thinks how can I be mistaken fro two times, first door and now this, is it true that I am forgetting things.

PRECAP- Jiji says we will do pooja. Veer goes to attend call, the glove man comes from behind and is about to hit veer with gun.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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