Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that Tanu proposed him today to marry her. Bulbul comes there with towel and is shocked to hear that. Abhi says Pragya that he was just joking and asks her to stop Bulbul to from telling it to family. He thinks he is a problem child and cannot even enjoy freedom.

Pragya tries to convince Bulbul that Abhi was joking. Bulbul says he is telling right and she is just trying to protect him. She says Pragya that she did not realize earlier when Suresh wanted to marry her instead of Pragya. Pragya says though he married her to take revenge and for his sister’s sake, but he is not that bad. Bulbul asks why is she trying to mask his mistake. Pragya says she loves Abhi now and can see only his goodness, etc.

Abhi with Pragya while driving car towards home gets tensed reminiscing Tanu’s marriage proposal. Pragya sees him and thinks he was not joking and telling truth.

Raj takes Mitali for shopping. She happily says if he takes her for shopping often like this, she will not con him. He asks what does she mean. She says he always gives him less money to shop and insists that he get him some shopping bag. He hesitantly agrees and they start shopping bags. Police comes there and arrests Raj for cancelling marriage hall contract and taking bribe. Raj says he did not do any mistake and gets into police van. Mitali shouts that he did not do mistake, but she took his sign without his knowledge. She worriedly wakes up from her sleep and it is just her dream. She worriedly says she will not Raj happen anything. Raj also wakes up and asks what is she frightened so much. she changes track and says she took money from his wallet for diwali shopping. He says he got diwali bonus and he wanted to give it to her, but she took it before that, he asks her to go back to sleep. Mitali thinks if this was dream or reality.

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Abhi at his room thinks he cannot explain neither Tanu nor Daadi. Pragya enters room and sees him tensed, she thinks of cheering him up. She says when he says no, it means yes, says she will sleep on his bed alone. She says he looks good silent and says she will gain weight with happiness if he continues to be silent. She thinks he is still silent and shouts cockroach. He says if she does not keep silent, he will break her spectacles and shove them into her throat and says he is not in a mood to talk today. She sees real cockroach and gets afraid. He kicks cockroach from there and goes and sleeps on couch. She takes his guitar and asks him to sing for her. He asks if she think him as roadside singer, says he is a rockstar and will not insult himself by singing in front of her. She says he is nervous and is afraid he will fail if he sings in front of her. He accepts her challenge and starts singing. She smilingly looks at his face while he sings. Serial’s title song…..,. plays in the background. He finishes song and asks if he is still looking nervous. She says he is neither nervous nor tensed now. He asks if she did it purposefully to take out his tension. She says yes and says she cannot see him tensed, says goodnight and sleeps.

Tanu comes to Abhi’s home and thinks she will convince him today for marriage. Cousin daadi’s see her and ask if she found a guy like Abhi and ask her to marry even if she gets a guy who has a little bit qualities of Abhi. Tanu says she will marry and come to this house soon. Daasi asks cousin whom she is referring to. Cousin says Akash. Daasi says they both don’t even talk to each other. They see Tanu talking to servant and ask servant if he is married. He says no. They think Tanu was fasting for servant and wants to marry him.

Tanu says Aaliya that she is sure Abhi is developing feelings for behenji and does not want to marry her now. Aaliya asks her to relax and gets back looking at article. Tanu says she cannot control her own boyfriend, then how can she help her. Daadi comes there and asks Aaliya if she invited her friends for card party. Aaliya says only some will come. Daadi says there is a laxmi pooja after card game and they will have to go after pooja. She invites Tanu also. Tanu happily agrees. Aaliya says Tanu she was reading article how to control men. She says they will spoil Pragya’s image in dadi’s eyes. Tanu thinks she herself has to do something now.

Precap: Daadi gives necklace to Abhi and asks her to gift it to Pragya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Another crappie episode of Kumkum Bhagya.

    1. The ratings have fallen off and they Still Don’t Get it! The viewers want to see a good relationship between Abhi and Pragya! Why is this so hard for them to understand! Are they trying to make the show fail like Pavitra Rishta??? CHANGE THE STORY LINE….

    2. I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Boring precap

  3. Boring episode..

  4. Disappointment

  5. yah, i’m going to have to start agreeing with everyone. I have been hoping for a change in the storyline, but no… nothing’s changed, it’s the same stupid crap as every freaking day… BORING as hell!

  6. Boring episode jus expose tanu’s true face to abhi….

    1. Totally disagree. Tanu’s failure is not Pragya’s victory. Abhi must chose her and not because the alternative is gone. He married Pragya or a personal negative reason so he must stay married to her for a personal positive reason – his love for or interest in being with her. Anything else would be settling as Pragya is not a consolation prize.

      Who cares about Tanu. What she does or does not do is not important. Abhi must choose based on truth and what his heart says is truth about Pragya. FULL STOP.

    2. The most important truth to be revealed is Aaliaya’s. Abhi does not realise his sister is a user and she used both him and Tanu to get what she was better off without – Purab, a man who does not love her, and she knew it.

  7. I don’t understand that the writers are trying to achieve because at the moment they not winning. I love this show and I understand the drama but really now guys I think pragya deserves some love and respect from abhi. She is tolerating to much, change the story and give the viewers some hope please.

  8. Great episode today!! 🙂

  9. Kazi angel punkz

    Plz plz plz chng d story…

  10. Boring episode…

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