Dil Dosti Dance 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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The dean leaves by saying VP can only keep 4 trainers from the team.
Kriya thinks she must not have come here as she is so nervous. She was checking the clothes when Rey comes in and introduces himself as Joe Joe. He instructs her to carry herself well and tell the makeup artists to begin the makeup. The director comes there and appreciates her. She asks what she will have to do. He says a few pics of her will be taken, she just need to be relaxed. Jojo tells her to smile in front of camera to maintain the confidence. Her cell phone rings, he picks it up before her and tells her to switch it off at the set.
Rey wonders why VP sir called him. He comes in. VP sir says he has something important to say to him, Rey says he needs to say something before he does. Rey says I apologize and I mean it today. VP says Reyansh is not a star that the world suffers his tantrum. He says he should keep it until he becomes a star. He tells him to go to his class; Rey asks ‘His suspension?’ VP says it has been cancelled. Rey thanks him. VP thinks shall he tell him about the new rules? Then rejects the idea.
Simmi and Rinni were cheery. Vicky and Nil also joined them to tease Rinni about Florida. Sharon and Swayam says they are happy seeing them together. Swayam says 50% credit of it goes to you but Sharon says it was Rey’s idea. Sharon says why we can’t always stay happy. Swayam says you will get bored. He gives the example of Norway where there is 6 months of days and 6 months night. Without sadness happiness will be missed the way people miss days there during the night’s months.
Kriya’s cell phone rings, the director shouts No cell phone. She keeps it down but the director was continuously shouting upon her nervousness. The director shouts that who has he brought, wasted all his time and goes away. Kriya thinks she did a big mistake coming here.
Rey comes to corridor happily and thinks where Kriya is.
Sharon hugs Swayam and tells him it was mummy’s call. She tells Swayam when her mother is home, she can sleep well. Swayam says he didn’t know she is such a mama’s baby. She says she is but cant show it to anyone. Sharon appreciates her mothers sweetness in front of Swayam
Kriya was upset and comes to changing room. She was crying when Jojo comes there and asks what she was thinking when on stage. She says she went blank, she couldn’t think about anything. Jojo asks is she a dancer. She says yes, but how do you know. He says with your moves, they are beautiful. Kriya smiles. He asks how she feels when on stage; she replies that she feels nothing but freedom. He asks did she feel the same on the first time she went on stage. She says no she fall down and everybody laughed, was nervous and couldn’t find a way out. He says it is your first day here too.
Sharon tells Swayam that her mother is going to represent his father in the board of directors here, and says her father says had her mother been his competitor in business he would never have been so successful. She insists him to meet her, she says it is her dream that hher boyfriend meets her mother and they been together in a room. He asks she had a lot of boyfriends in past, didn’t she do it. She says Jealous? He says Not really. She tells him he will be the first to meet mom. Sharon says she has never been serious about anyone in life than him. They look into each other’s eyes.
Rey comes, everyone cheer as he tells them VP sir cancelled his suspension.
Jojo says the one who hasn’t lose doesn’t know what victory is. He tells her to focus on herself than the people in the room. He says it always comes from inside, and she should forget anyone is in the room there. Kriya says she will do it and hugs Jojo before he leave.
They discussed about Rinni’s engagement, Rey asks is she getting married, why I didn’t know it? Rinni says there hasn’t been any engagement, it’s just commitment and she is leaving for Florida. They tease her; she says she has to go meet Jiggi at the coffee shop nearby. They tease her again, and she runs after each to hit them with a chair. Rey asks Swayam did he talk to Kriya. He says he talked to her in the morning but doesn’t know where she is now.

PRECAP: Sharon tells Swayam he is going to meet her mom tomorrow at 12. He prepares for the meeting to look best.

Update Credit to: Sona

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