Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ginni giving tiffin box to Raghu and asks him to have it with Shivani in train. Raghu asks her to call Shivani. Bela gives money to Raghu and requests him not to refuse. She asks him to tell the truth. Raghu says he is not lying. Bela gives him a promise and asks him to tell the truth. Raghu says Shivani has a hole in her heart. Bela is shocked to hear that and says it cannot happen to babyji. Raghu says even he is not believing it, but it is the truth. He says until he is there, he will not let anything happen to babyji and asks her not to reveal it to babyji. Bela says she will not tell anything if he insists. Shivani comes there and asks why are they looking like that to her. Bela hugs Shivani and cries. Shivani asks her why is she crying. Bela says she was just explaining Raghu to take care of Shivani in Mumbai.

Maya says Sumitra that Shivani will roam with Raghu to many places now and says if Shivani would not have been, Sumitra would have been with Raghu in Manali.

Raghu and Shivani reach Mumbai and get down the train. Shivani says she is feeling thristy. Raghu goes to bring water. Shivani is pushed by the crowd and goes away from the place where Raghu had left her. Raghu comes and gets tensed not finding Shivani in her place. He tries to call her, but her phone is switched off. They both start searching each other worriedly. Shivani thinks of calling Raghu and removes mobile from her bag. A thief sees her bag and tries to snatch it from Shivani. Kids come there and rescue Shivani by beating goon with catripillar.

Vivek opens a chat shop with his family. Maya prays god to send them a lot of money. Baburam says god will send him many customers and jokingly asks Vivek to give him the whole money he ears. Vivek says ok. Nishi wishes Vivek.

Raghu clashes with the thief and asks him if he saw a lady with green saree. Thief recognizes her, gets afraid of kids and says he did not see any lady.

Shivani mingles with kids and converses with them. Kids say they don’t have parents. They praise Shivani for holding the bag when thief was trying to snatch it and asks what is in the bag. Shivani takes a dolphin soft toy out and shows it to them. Kids asks if she plays with dolphin. Shivani says even she does not have parents and her grandpa took care of her and now even he is not there, only she has Raghu with her and he gifted this dolphin, so she keeps it near her. Kids ask where is Raghu. Shivani says Raghu went to bring water and did not return, she does not know where is he.

Raghu is still searching Shivai. Kid asks shivani not to cry and asks another kid to call. Kid says he does not have outgoing and says he knows one place where she can call Raghu.

Vivek is tensed that customers did not come to his shop. He asks neighours to try his snack. Neighbours say he killed a kid with fake medicine and she does not want to take a risk. Maya scolds neighbors and sends from there. She scolds Vivek for getting scolded from neighbours. Vivek says he is getting scolded for doing illegal work, now he will do legal work and earn a good name. Maya gets angry and goes from there.

Kids bring Raghu to station master’s room and says they will speak in station master’s mic and call Raghu. Shivani says let us meet station master then. Kid says he will not get up easily and says station master goes out at 12 and goes to bathroom. Station master does same thing. They all ener in and annouce that Shivani is waiting for Raghu near station master’s room. Raghu finds Shivani at last.

Precap: An eunuch asks money to Raghu and Shivani while they are in traffic signal. Raghu refuses to give money. Shivani takes money from Raghu and gives it to eunuch. Eunuch prays god to give Shivani a long life..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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