Ek Boond Ishq 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
jairaj says atleast she accepted he is mj, nandu says he is real mj not bablu, mj never died he got saved, rudra is shocked and says I know, I told all that mj is alive, mj comes there and says I will tell you what nandu wants to say, nandu says how you came out, mj ask her to relax, he says as you all think mj died, mj never died, he is alive and standing infront of you, right nandu, she says yes,,,
nandu says he is real mj, not bablu, jairaj ask are you fine nandu, he is also saying that he is mj not bablu, nandu says see tara she is having sindoor in forehead, she was saying that he is fake mj then why he filled her maang, mj says enough you are making fuss, I had injury on head, mj get unconscious, tara says he is doing dram he is fake mj, nandu says tara is involved in this drama, rudra shouts on nandu enough, you are destroying my family, you made my nephew to become unconscious, go from here.
they take mj to bedroom, tara messages adi that nandu got to know the truth, mj becomes conscious, he sees family there sans nandu and tara, he says you all agreed that I am mj but.. I think I should leave from here when tara doesn’t believe that I am mj, I should leave, rudra says she will also accept you, you stay here, he ask family member to go out, I will stay here with him, jairaj says you are great, they goes from there. rudra closes door and ask mj what nandu was saying and how sindoor came in tara’s forehead, bablu says I did magic on tara, she accepted that I am mj, she asked me to fill her maang I was doing so when your wife came and destroyed everything, rudra says what should I do with this nandu, she is a fool, mj says so take her out of your life, rudra says you are right, I will not make my plan fail because of nandu, I will throw her out.

nandu thinks that she should have gone to rudra alone and tell him that he is real mj not bablu but even then he wouldn’t have agreed to me, adi calls her and says seems your mood is not right so I will call later, nandu says no talk, adi says I have decided that meethi will not stay In house so I have to talk to you, can you come to godwon, she says yes, tara is with adi. nandu is going out when nimmo ask her where is she going, she doesn’t answer and goes, rudra ask where she went, nimmo says maybe she went out because you scolded her.
nandu comes to godown, she meets adi and says my day was bad but you saved me by meeting me, rudra calls her but adi ask her to cut it, he switches off her phone, rudra says maybe nandu got afraid of my scolding, adi breaks nandu’s phone and says I did that so you cant call rudra, he says tara and mj are preparing for rudra’ death ceremony, nandu says you know it? he says we all are involved in this plan, she ask who all? tara comes and says me, nimmo comes and says me too, meethi comes and says me also. nandu looks at them and is shocked to core, she says you all were fooling me, it was all your plan, you came in house, you all were one, I will tell everything to rudra, mj comes there and stops her, nandu is stunned, tara says what will you say to rudra, that how I fooled you and brought all family members in house or how we used you to take revenge from kala, adi says I was doing drama to be in your love, I wanted to tell you that I only love meethi and I am of meethi only, nandu says now I know your plan so will you kill me, mj says no without bloodshed we can solve matter. we fight with shame. mj says we will do with you what you did with adi, tara and adi grabs her hands, meethi takes out injection and says you have to bear what you do. nandu ask to leave me. mj grabs her, meethi gievs her injection, she becomes unconscious, tara says now we have to play next trick so rudra accept his crime infront of jairaj.

nimmo is making list for fast, meethi says I feel bad that tara cant fast, nimmo says I know tara she will fast. adi says tara and mj are different, they promote new show bawre. tara messages mj that she want to do puja, mj msgs that It is not possible, tara msgs that you have to make it possible, this is my 1st puja and I have to do shoping with you, mj says we will be caught, tara says you are afraid. where is your ek boond ishq(one drop of love) now, listen you have to take me to shopping and will break my fast. mj nods, tara smiles.

PRECAP- amrapali calls rudra from restaurant in which tara and mj are making each other eat with own hands, she says to rudra that I never thought bablu will make tara realize that he is mj, rudra says no couldn’t make her, marapali says but if he didn’t then there must be more fake mj as tara and mj are happy together in restaurant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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