Gustakh Dil 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sagar seeing Lajjo in the rain. Sagar says I will give you the lift, I will drop you home. She says no, I will go. Sagar says come, don’t b adamant. She sits in the car. He asks why did you go out in so much rain, this is city, tie the seat belt. Lajjo can’t tie it and Sagar helps her bending over her. They leave. Ayesha walks on the road alone. Some goons follow her. She stops a taxi but could not go. She asks him to take her to her house address. The man says its traffic there. She goes to Adhiraj’s address. Nikhil shows some sets to the customer and says Mamta, he is not buying anything.

He shows him further. The man says I want these two sets. Nikhil says I will pack this for you, good choice. The man says I will pay tomorrow. Nikhil says then come tomorrow and take the sets after doing the payment. The man scolds Nikhil. Mamta asks what happened. The man says Nikhil has insulted me. Sagar and Lajjo are on the way. She says I feel something bad is going to happen. She tells him some superstitions. Mamta apologizes to the man and says we can’t give you the sets without payment.

The man says now I won’t return these sets. Ayesha comes to Adhiraj. He is shocked to see her. He says come in, its raining heavily. She says I did not get taxi to go home.

She says I m going, as your house was near, fine I will go, as you are rude. He says what did I say, you can’t go anywhere. He says stay here till the rain stops and inform your family. She calls home but can’t connect. He gives her a towel. She does not take it. He keeps a chair and sits far. Lajjo comes home late and the aunty catches her. Lajjo says sorry for coming late. Aunty asks was it Sagar Khurana, don’tt lie, I identified him, he opened the door for you too, I saw everything. Lajjo thinks she started being a spy, he was Sagar but…………… The aunty says its great, you are working with Sagar, is he doing a new show, tell me.

She stops Lajjo and says don’t be afraid, I won’t tell anyone, tell me. Lajjo says I teach his daughter tuition. The aunty says I will not tell anyone about the show. Adhiraj asks her to change else she will catch cold, and it won’t be possible to go her home. She asks where to change. He says here. They have an eyelock. He praises her beauty. He says you change, I will make ginger tea. Nikhil asks the customer to understand. The man laughs. He aims a gun at Nikhil and everyone is shocked.

Lajjo comes to Rancho and talks to her about feeling some bad is going to happen. She says Sagar dropped her home. Rancho says what, Sagar dropped you. Lajjo says yes. Rancho says he is not so bad. Lajjo lights the diya and could not. She gets worried. The man asks the staff to give all sets. He says let me go. Nikhil says believe me, you can’t take these sets from here, its impossible. The man shoots. Mamta shouts Nikhil. Lajjo could not light the diya and gets more tensed. Rancho looks on.

Nikhil falls on the ground. Everyone looks on. Lajjo starts crying as the diya is not lighting, she says did anything happen to Nikhil. Rancho pacifies her. Lajjo says call Nikhil. Rancho says fine. Nikhil holds the man and tries to take the gun. Lajjo atlast lights the diya. The guards come and take the man. The man tells Nikhil he will regret, he will take revenge after coming out of jail. Mamta praises Nikhil. Nikhil says I don’t know how I got strength in me, I felt nothing can happen to me. He thinks about Lajjo.

Sagar talks to Lajjo and asks her to get a makeover. He is shocked seeing Lajjo.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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