Dil Dosti Dance 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 30th April 2014 Written Update

Sharon suggests that Rey should go to Anna personally. If he sees him injured he might agree. Rey argues that he won’t agree, Sharon says she will ask money from her dad but they deny. Swayam says they will go to Anna tomorrow morning, they all agree.

In the morning, Amar is stopped by some gangster guys talking about Rey. Simmi and Rinni stops, the gangsters talk about the girls, Bharat comes and tells them to go inside. The say they are here to keep an eye on them.

Rey and Swayam are at the Anna’s place. They were beating a person. Rey says he remembers what he said about the time and money. Swayam explains that they are in trouble, so they want a time of one week. He says ok. They think he is ok. But he explains I am giving you a time of 24 hours- i.e 1 day. They insist but he says he wants his full money tomorrow or he won’t get to survive.

They all were worried and prayed that they get the extension. Sharon gets Kriya’s call; she says she has to go to embassy before coming to college. Rey and Swayam comes, they tell them they got an extension for only 24 hours. Swayam tells them the whole story. They are all worried. Simmi asks where they will get the money. Sharon says she will ask her dad, but Rey asks what she will tell her dad. He doesn’t want her dad to get involved with it. Rey says if they have to ask parents help he will take it, and manage it. Sharon tells others about their duties and she and Swayam will see costumes. They all laughs.

Rey thinks how his dad told him to pursue dance as career within six months or take on the family business. He hopes his dad understands as he is more of a friend than father.

Sharon was worried saying how much happened this week. Swayam tells her that good days ends soon, but bad days also ends soon. She asks how can you be so calm in such situations, he holds her hands saying he has her smile to fight bad times. Sharon says she has his love to deal with friends. Swayam says life would be so boring without this drama for girls, she fights him asking is she dramatic. He tells her to smile and tells her that this love is her strength. They hug each other.

Rey’s father asks him to leave dance.
Rey comes home. His dad was in lawn and sees his injury. He explains he had strain during rehearsal. He asks how his rehearsal was going. He tries to avoid the subject, his dad asks what the matter is, as he is avoiding his passion’s topic. He tells him to sit down and tell him as a friend about the problem. Rey tells him he needs 1.5 lac rupees. His dad asks he is not interrogating, he can take anyone but he is asking him as friend. He tells his dad he took a loan of 1.5 lac rupees from and illegal lender. He explains the problems of event and the event and his accident. His dad agrees. He says he understands it because of his age and his passion. His father asks him why he wanted to prove him wrong but he will be happy if he wins. Rey hugs his father. His dad asks him of an interest. He asks him to leave dance and join family business after this performance. He was shocked. His dad says he heard Rey never backs up from his promise.

PRECAP: Swayam asks Rey what was the matter. Rey tells them this would be his last performance with musical, and he wants him to join business after college. They all asks What?

Update Credit to: Niki

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