Sasural Simar Ka 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 30th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
juwala says to birju that its only khushi who has told this all to bharadwajs.Simar says to khushi that nothing will happen to you. Just give us a proof. Khushi says where can i bring it from? Juwala calls khushi. She says something and khushi is shocked. Roli takes the phone and says we are not sacred of your warnings. Juwala says in next 48 hours khushi is going to did. Roli tells everyone. Khushi says nothing can save me. Simar says nothing will happen to you. Khushi says you all are responsible for my death. Roli says be quiet and listen to us. prem says i think we should inform the family. Khushi thinks she should call birju. He disconnects her phone. Khushi says i think i should go to her home and apologise. What if she kills me there.

Scene 2

and simar tell the family everything. Mausi ji says why should we care about her. Karuna is so worried. Mata ji says we have to help khushi. rajhindar asks sid to call police.

Scene 3
uma and pari come with the stuff. Uma says it was such an easy task. Pari says it was easy for me as well. The uma and pari are dazed to see police and khushi. Simar asks khushi to tell everything She knows. The inspector says we can’t fire a case against her. Roli says she has said to kill him. He says i can provide security. He says i’ll start the investigations. He goes out and calls juwala and says no report will be fired against you. Simar overhears him.Mata ji asks khushi to stop crying. Simar says police isn’t with us. That inspector is with juwala. Khushi says i knew it. What will happen now. Simar says we’ll save you.

Scene 4
anurag asks jhanvi how’s her task going ? She says i don’t know how’ll it go. He says nothing will change even if you lose. Don’t be stressed. Jhanvi says i have to think something else.

Scene 5
simar says i will stay with khushi every moment. Khushi is to tensed. She says please save me God. She’s reciting different mantra. Someone calls her and says there is a bomb go bharadwaj house. Khushi goes out shouting . Everyone runs after her. A car follows to hit her. Prem saves her. Simar says there’s no bomb. Juwala made a fake call. This is too much now. Its time to teach her in her very own language. Mata ji says don’t be hasty. I think we should talk to her. rajhindar says she right. Mata ji says me and you’ll go with me simar to her house.

Scene 6
mata ji and simar come to juwala’s house. She is shocked to see them. She says its not better to come in someone else’s house without permission. Mata ji says we are here to tell you that forget you’ll harm any of us. This is better for you. Simar says we’re with khushi so you better stay away from her. Juwala devi if you don’t stop warming her we’ll call a press conference. Juwala says oh i’m sacred. Them she laughs. So does birju. Juwala says why are you torturing yourself in this age. Its your time to did not to wasn me. Birju arrange the stuff for mata ji. This is her age. Simar says laugh as much as you can. ravan also used to laugh at others dont you remember what happened to him.

Percap-birju tell juwala that simar and roli have called a press conference. Juwala arrives there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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