Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th April 2014 Written Update

Murli and pihu were stopped by a biker. They get off the bike, Pihu was worried, the biker takes off his helmet and give them their wallet. Shayl and Gunjan says this is not Vicky. Pihu asks what they were doing here. She says she has been calling him. Pihu asks why Gunjan was checking her wheels. Shayl tells them to go home. Murli says they want to go for lunch, but shayl asks to go home. Gunjan suggests a nearby hotel and tells them to go together. They leave. She says she is not alone now, they will solve the problem together. They hug, Gunjan tells her not to tell anyone at home about it. They go inside. Bauji opens the door and asks her where they were. Shayl says they were in market. He asks where Pihu is, it is not good. A guy is coming home from Pihu’s acting classes saying he is her friend. They go inside. Vicky greets them and introduces him to them. He touches her feet saying he is happy to meet you knowing she is unhappy. He tells her Pihu says you can go to any extent for her happiness. She says any mother can go to any extent for her daughter. Shayl tells him to take his empty cup, and asks how he came. Sangeeta and Seema tell them he came to give her script. Gunjan tells him to leave because Pihu is not going to come till late at night. He greets and begins to leave. Gunjan shows him the way out.
Bauji scolds them that why Pihu came here and she got her admitted to acting school. He says this is not the trend of their home, what will Murli thinks. He tells her to stop it right here.
Pihu and Murli have fun having lunch, they say they both laughed after a long time. Pihu keeps her hand over his arm. She says she doesn’t love anyone more than him. Vicky dials her number; she reads the message saying I will also show you one picture now. She gets cough, Murli gives her water. Vicky says he will wait her till the eternity, she will come so will the eternity. He sees a man looking for the house, he asks what he was looking. He tells one of the lady in his auto left her mobile. He takes it saying he is their relative.
Murli asks Pihu to go home with him, Pihu says he need not talk anything to his mother, she will compromise. She knows he only wants her betterment. He cell phone rings. Murli takes it to see who is texting her. He reads the texts, then looks at the worried Pihu. Pihu leaves but Murli stops her and says she has to answer it, ‘I told you befoer coming?’ Pihu asks whos question. He says Gunjan, why is she asking where they were. Pihu asks for her cellphone but he begins to reply her.
Vicky reads the message, ‘Told you we are in Dyansty restaurant for lunch’ he says thanks to Gunjan, he got to meet his love.
Seema and Sangeeta says they are worried about shayl’s worry. Bablu comes. Sangeeta asks where he got the costume. He tells Kt gave this to him and asked her to protect Rachna when she was asleep his place.
Murli reads another text from Gunjan and leaves to call. Someone comes and sits at his chair. She asks you are finished with the talk. Vicky was there.

PRECAP: Vicky was in Pihu’s room and torchers her to do what he says. Gunjan hears Pihu’s voice

Update Credit to:Sona

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