Dil Dosti Dance 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 30th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 30th April 2013 Written Update

Taani wipes of her tears and washes her face when girls come in.Aashi asks her where is rey when she moves out.Rey remembers about his convo with Taani.The boys are in the canteen having snaks when the speak they are not so tensed about NDC when message beeps up.Sharon asks Swayam did he receive a message from Rey.The boys ask seeing your face its looks diffrent speak up.Sharonn says its superb bad news.Swayam says Rey’s message read that he is not participating in NDC eliminations tomorrow.The gang feels Rey is doing some prank.Sharon says if so she will know it first.Swayam says they need to go to Rey’s home when Sharon says he is not there she did call his home.Amar says when Rey is not participating what will they do.

Swayam tells to Sharon if Rey is not participating its something big.Vicky says
they all know the reason.The boys reply in chorus Taani.They boys get tensed up.Sharon asks them to stop this.Each one calls Rey but he is totally unavailable.The gang is very much tensed about what will happen.Swayam says its rehearsal tonight and lets hope Rey come.Rinni speaks with care taker at Rey’s home who informs he is still unavailable.Barath and Amar plan that if they call from unknown number Rey will pick up and try calling from some girls phone saying Barath needs to speak to his mom.Rey is standing under the shower and remembers all the talks that happened between him and Taani with regard to the promise when Kaka knocks the door and says atleast 50 calls have come.Rey replies bluntly that he knows what to answer.

The gang is in the atrium when Taani comes and asks as tomorrow is elimination she will brief them.Vicky asks didnt she notice Rey missing hear.Taani tells she will ask him when Vicky gets up and acts her not to act.They know Rey is not hear with them cause of her.Taani asks them not to speak so with her when Sharon says they will.What will she do.Sharon adds saying they are not fools to not understand Rey is not hear cause of Her.She sees Swayam when Sharon tells what is the use of seeing Swayam he didnt tell them anything.They are smart enough to figure it out.Dance is not only his dream but his carrier and you are stopping it.You still call him your boyfriend.You need to learn that in Love people are not selfish but selfless.

Aashi says that they all are silent today cause she was their friend.Swayam being the captain is silent cause you are his sister.But you are not only doing this will Rey but playing with the carrier of the whole gang.Simmi and Rinni come and stand beside Aashi.Taani sees all ad runs away crying.She comes to the basket ball court and cries her heart out.She asks her Krishna ji to help her out.The team can perform without Rey but she cant live without him.If tauji comes to know about Rey then he wont only hate Rey but also send her back to Jodhpur.

Mr.Rishi calls Taani and she comes out.He asks so today is a big day for you.You come with your team and i’ll meet you there.She says I still say you wont be allowed there.Tauji says he will manage and shocks Taani saying if you see me as a judge don’t be surprised.

Precap:Team enters.They see Taani and says you could have come with us.Taani says you would not have accepted me.Vicky says dont say stories.Taani says its truth that like Dance is their love so is Rey hers.Rinni cries saying whats happening.Team is incomplete without Rey.Swayam moves out.Sharon asks him what happened when he says its all cause of him and he will handle it.He calls his dad and says he needs to meet him now.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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