Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 30th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 30th April 2013 Written Update

The arrows are about to hit Vrinda. But J(Jalandhar) shields her. He started running since yesterday, has finally reached today. Some arrows hit his body too. She remembers his words of not to expect any help in case of any problem. He asks her is she ok? She says yes, how is he?
In Himavan’s palace, Himavan asks Mena to relax but she denies. Paravti comes at that moment. Himavan tells her she should have informed them. Gunesh & Kartikeya comes there. Gunesh tells her to tell them about what happened in the way. She tells them about a Bull running towards her. Himavan asks about Kartikeya. She says he is her Guru’s shishya. Aadi Guru comes, tells her not to waste any more time & start with next stage of Yoga.
In the battle field. J is burning with anger. All the arrows come out of his body. Deva’s army decides, not to get scared but attack him. One Deva hits him with arrow but he takes it out, his wound heals on it’s own. He tells that Deva, why are you wasting your energy? That Deva runs away. J gives Vrinda a looks of, see I was right.
Here Aadi Guru teaches Pranayam to Parvati, asks her to continue doing this till she feels unity with her breath.
Kartikeya asks Aadi Guru, Ma is Aadi Shakti herself, why does she need Nadi-Shudhhi? Gunesh says don’t you know it is required that reason father will answer you. Aadi Guru answers our body is like a vessel, it becomes limited as per our capacity. All the four stages, Yama, Niyama, Aasan, Pranayam are to prepare her for holding great elements like Aishwarya, Brhma shakti, 10 Mahavidya .Our body’s capacity is limited. Parvati’s normal capacity will be increased to that of holding 10 Mahavidyas only when her Spiritual energy will reach to Sushumna from Ida & Pingala.
Ganesh tells him he too wants to ask a question, he knows what he’ll do now, will go in his real form infront of mother & make fun of her, why does he do so? Aadi guru says a shishya’s ego should be overcome by her Guru’s guidance, it takes the shishya to the right direction. Coverts –vity into +vity. Whenever she gets stuck at any stage my taunting has made her more determined to complete that stage. It’s important for her to reach Sushumna Nadi from Ida & Pingala. Ganesh joins hands to his father.
Shivji comes in front of Parvati again, asks what will happen with breathing ? You breath everyday. It’s not your Guru’s fault but your’s actually, who’s selected such a Guru. Parvati gets angry initially But continues her practice. Shivji looks at Kartikeya & Ganesh, who are standing near the door, smiles.
At Swarga, Brihaspati tells Indra it’s natral for him to get disturbed after seeing J’s strength. Indra says it’s important for J to display his power, call for a meeting of all the important Devas.
J in his tent remembers her first meeting with Vrinda. Shukracharya comes there, advices him to marry a pious woman, who will shield him from all the problems approaching him. J says he doesn’t want to put any woman’s life in danger. Shukracharay says you are a king, marry for your people, a king’s life is complete after his marriage. It’s important to carry foreword his vansh. J asks why is it important to get married. Which king’s son am I? You made me king on my merit. A perfect candidate based on his merit should be choen as a king. Shukracharya says, can’t a Guru order him, will he disobey if he asks him to get married? J is about to leave, is stopped by his Guru, who asks him to answer his question. J says after your order, there is nothing left to answer.
Nandi reaches Ujjaini, sees people running to save their lives. Asks one of them. He says an Asura called Dushan is coming here to attack them, that’s why all have left their house, are running away, you too should run away,
Naradji tells Vishnuji at Ksheersagar, to stop Dushan, not only for the people but for Shivji too as Ujjaini is his favourite. You must talk to him now.
Nandi remember’s Shivji’s words of going to Himavan’s palace via Ujjaini, tinks there may be shivji’s Leela in this.
Vishnuji tells Shivji to protect his bhakta, who is trying to fight. Shivji says not only for him but for all the people of Ujjaini he’ll be taking Mahakal’s form soon.

Precap: At Himavan’s palace Shivji tells Kartikeya & Ganesh, he is going out for an important work. See to it that your mother stays inside this palace only. They assure him. But he says this is not going to be easy.
J comes to Kalnemi’s palace, says, he wants to marry his daughter. Vrinda says with power & strength a war can be won, not someone’s heart.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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