The Buddy Project 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 30th April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 30th April 2013 Written Update

JJ announces Panchi’s name as the sole participant of Miss Vista Contest. Shocked eyes turn to Panchi while she only smiles. RV starts to clap his hands and almost everyone, except JeeMi and their close chelas join in the applause. Kiya half hugs Panchi and says she’s proud of her. RV joins her and compliments that it’s nice that Panchi is participating. Piddi comes to her gives her a thumbs up, almost touching her nose while doing so and wishes her luck. KD leans in and congratulates her. (UFF! The Buddies are together, SMILING!! ) JJ calls their attention saying it’s enough and the Buddies sans Panchi take their previous positions. JJ says that’s all for today and dismisses the assembly. He is about to leave when JeeMi call out for him. Dean mumbles to JJ that the troublemakers are here again and asks JJ to handle them. He leaves.

JJ is whistling carelessly and JeeMi walk behind him. Avi asks why can’t they participate, why only Panchi? JJ says the thing both of them can’t qualify for that contest as both of them aren’t “Miss”. He laughs at his own joke but then continues that if they can’t rectify their biological fault then something can happen. He continues laughing and turns to leave but Omi stops him and says there are other contests than MVC. JJ agrees that there are but he only wants them to concentrate on the GSC as he’ll start checking soon. Omi asks why has he sent Panchi there?! JJ asks them when the GSC wasn’t announced, who was assigned to Panchi? As far as he remembers she wasn’t assigned anyone. JeeMi nod at this and JJ says that’s why Panchi isn’t official part of GSC and is free to participate in any other contest whatsoever. Avi asks one last question that if Panchi happens to win, who will get the points? JJ compliments that it’s a good question and asks them from whose side did Panchi participate in the FTS? Before they can answer, JJ does the honor that she was independent there so now they should find the answer themselves. He leaves and JeeMi look at each other, confused.

Buddies are still huddled together and JJ passes them by. He asks KiPi to come to the principal’s room. Piddi STTC what have they done now?

AnHia and KiPi in office. Piddi says he’s extremely sorry for whatever happened. JJ looks at him quizzically and Piddi explains if they are called here, means they must’ve done something wrong. JJ chuckles and asks Sophia to take matters forward. She sits down and reminds them of the EB last seat contest which heeded no result. She tells them that JJ has found a solution for that. She asks JJ permission to explain it all and JJ says yes. She tells them that they have to share the last seat of EB together. The college will treat them as one student. Kiya is confused at the sharing part. JJ comments that it’s no rocket science. When we are young, parents teach us about sharing. So let’s see how much they’ve learned. KiPi are still confused. JJ explains that all the facilities which one individual student gets, they’ll have to share it as a team. JJ picks a chocolate from the table and asks Piddi what would they have to do? Piddi stutters that they’d have to share. JJ sits beside Sophia and says that’s right, so they better get used to sharing. He breaks the chocolate into two and hands one to Sophia and says sharing is caring.

Outside, Piddi says to Kiya that he thought one of them would defo be kicked out. It’s good that they are together. Kiya says had this announcement happened 2 weeks ago, she would’ve never agreed to do it. Piddi huffs that neither would’ve he. They look at each other and snort in laughter. Piddi says but now they have to share everything nicely and asks Kiya not to take over everything! Kiya asks does she look like a dictator to him? Piddi mumbles he doesn’t know and Kiya punches him. He cries out how come all girls are so violent. Kiya teasingly asks does Avantika hit him? Piddi curses that she has started all over again and Kiya says what’s started is the love story of Piddi and Avantika – PidiTika! Piddi says he’s not interested in Avantika or…he stops for a while then finishes solemnly that he’s not interested in any girl. He moves ahead and Kiya says she’s sorry if he got offended. Piddi replies it’s alright. Kiya says can she ask him something and assures him it’s not about Avantika. She asks what did eventually happen between AmBy? Piddi looks away and Kiya continues that everyone knows at the farewell, they had a talk but what talk no one knows. Piddi wipes away his wet eyes and says that it was nothing, she just went away for her sports and she made him her best friend forever. She’s really happy. He avoids Kiya’s glance and Kiya asks what about him? He stammers that he’s also happy then changes topic that Bobby is doing great in sports. Then, he makes up an excuse that he has to be in the library and leaves, wiping his eyes (aww! Piddi! ) Kiya STTC that after Bobby, Piddi is scared of rejection and in matter of girls his confidence is really low. He would never ask Avantika out…she’d have to take matters in her own hands now!

RV is making a music list for radio and asks Avi’s suggestion. Avi is lost in his own thoughts and RV calls out to him loudly. Avi snaps into reality and asks what’s wrong? RV asks for his suggestions and he half heartedly tells him to play what everyone else plays, established bands and hit songs etc. RV asks does that mean they’d have to play Altaf Raja as well? Avi asks Altaf who? RV says, dude! Altaf Raja! The singer of Pardesi! Avi shrugs his shoulders and RV comments that Avi is a bigger Angrez than himself! Then comes back to the topic and asks what does Avi want? Avi says new talent should be given a chance. RV says they would, if anyone in the college can sing well, they can sing on the radio. Avi says but that won’t help them launch…they need to be given a platform so that they can showcase their talent to the world! RV says there’s a solution to that – internet! Nowadays internet is the place to be. Gangnam Style, Kolaveri Di – they were hit due to internet. Avi finally gets the idea and jots it down.

Rukmini is making notes for the radio show from the newspaper. She is writing down heavy topics like domestic violence, political issues etc (Ya Allah! ) when Omi comes there offering a toffee. She ssshhsss him as well, pointing to the silence sign. He says she’s right but he has to talk for 5 minutes, he has to invite her to his team and he’d be gone. He explains the C & D system to her and she says she’s not interested in such mundane fights. He shifts his seat closer to her and says that she should be! Because small town people should stick together. She says she is not interested in such tactics. Omi says that RV is rich and is already a Dhakkan, since she’s not so she should be a Chillar. She angrily shuts her notebook and says that’s the problem of this country! Everywhere there is division based on language, cast, financial status! Politicians do that on large scale to make money and people like Omi do that on small scale in colleges. And to such people, only Rukmini’s chappal talks..not she. Omi is SHOCKED! (So am I! ITNI SAARI HINDI!!!!) Rukmini continues that even her chappal has enough sense not to talk in library. Omi applauds at this and she gets up and leaves. Omi says to himself that she’s already like a wild cat, she doesn’t need to do anything. She’s a volcano and will erupt like a nuclear blast on RV. All he has to do is that when this bomb explodes, he better be away from there. RV…you’re gone!

At Chillar Adda. Omi with his cronies and KD at a distance from them. TD asks Omi that Rukmini is from their team, right? CG (Chillar Guy…he’s a frequent person! BENAAM KAISE RAKHOON?! ) asks will she be able to face RV? Omi smirks she’ll give RV hell. Avi laughs hearing this and Omi gives him the enemy look, seeing him on his territory. They face each other and taunt as per ritual. Omi asks what is he doing here? Avi replies he’s here cuz he’s worried for Omi’s RJ and smirks that who would understand her? Omi retorts she speaks Hindi, not Chinese! Avi tells him to calm down and asks does he know the importance of net? Omi says he does, without net there’d be no Machar Daani Avi chooses to ignore this and works on his agenda to give KD the idea of internet by saying that world has evolved due to internet. Nowadays, we can listen to each and every artist on the net. Omi says he knows that, he listens to Kumar Sanu everyday on Youtube Avi says he’s talking about international artists and asks does he know Psy? Omi doesn’t and KD tells him about the worldwide phenomenon that Gangnam Style had become, all due to the internet. Avi succeeds in planting the internet idea in KD’s mind.

Precap – KD talking strategy with Samar on computer when Kiya enters. She apologizes that she thought Avantika was there. She turns to leave but stops and puts her hand on KD’s hand which is on the mouse and sees something on the computer. Mere Bina (Crook) music plays in BG. She asks that’s her video, right?

Update Credit to: Mais

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