Dil Dosti Dance 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 29th November 2013 Written Update

Rey is boxing out thinking why do I have to face rejection always be is love or job. He calls a person asks him to meet once so they can decide. He remembers various rejection and thinks is the world outside college so different. When I was free people were forcing me to work and now when I’m willing to work no one is allowing us to do anything. Some have problem with age with other with experience. No one is bothered about hard work and talent so what to do.

Kriya enters the cabin of Dean’s office wishing him a good morning. The dean congratulates her on winning the dance competition. He thanks her for making them proud. Kriya thanks them and says she cannot take up the London instruction offer. The Dean is shocked and asks her this is what she wanted. Kriya says her apologies to the institution but she has something more important to do. She does not want to put the institution in trouble and hence she can’t take this. She asks for his apology and asks her permission to leave. The Dean says they do not want to loose a talent like her. Kriya says she has a proposal and if he can spare a minute for it. The Dean agrees and Kriya puts forward her proposal. She asks the Dean if that would be possible. The Dean says it will not be possible. Kriya asks him can he do something as it would be great for the institution .the Dean says he would speak with the management and hope. Kriya says hope is all that she has now.
Rey is walking in the corridor when he pushes a guy. He asks sorry and moves when the guy ask the things that have fallen will it come automatically in my hands. You do a mistake and you are showing up attitude. Rey says only the things have fallen next he would fall. The guy asks so you will beat me and fight is about to stop when Swayam comes in and stops it. He asks Rey has he gone crazy. Rey says whatever is happening its going wrong. He is going for job hunt and it is not happening everywhere it is only rejection. Swayam asks him to breathe in and breathe out and suggests to move to canteen and discuss. Rey denies but then agrees and then both move to canteen.
Kriya is practicing dance thinking what Swayam told. She also thinks when will Dean give out his decision. Nothing is happening. She sits and remembers most of her dance performances with gang and Rey. She prays to universe ji to approve the decision. Dean comes in when Kriya says she is just practicing. The dean informs Kriya that the decision has been made.

Barath says we made such a good presentation but it was rejection. This has spoiled my mood. Simmi says I do not know in which path is life taking us. They discuss that everyone is upset and Rey is more sad. They do not know if he has come to college today or not. Vicky and Nilesh come in saying their hope has been fulfilled. The speak about going on a double date and fight over who will go with which girl. Amar and Barath also join this. Simmi stops them saying if the continue they will get a slap. Sharon tells them they are discussing something important about future and Rey is going out searching for job so they can stay together in future but you guys are least interested. Vicky and Nil says by taking tension and keeping their faces down things are not going to work out. There is no need to get hyper.
Kriya is packing her luggage when maasi comes in and asks Kriya so she has decided to go to London. Kriya says she spoke with the dean .Maasi asks dean knows about London. Kriya says she is going to India. Massi asks does she actually want to do this as going to London institute was her dream. Kriya says till now she was living her dream but she had a guilt of spoiling others. She adds when we want to do something we must not stop our-self. She says her mom used to let life is short we must value relations more than our dreams. Maasi says she is going to let Smriti that Kriya not only remembers her words but also her teachings. Kriya thanks her Maasi. Maasi asks Kriya what will she do after going to India. Kriya replies with will fulfill Rey’s dream and try to correct her mistakes.
Swayam asks Rey to relax. The gang asks Rey what happened what did investors says when Rey says they rejected the proposal. Rey says everyone has not approved me may be this is what has been destined that is why we are getting only failure after so much of hardwork. Vp comes in saying people who try will not be left. I have a breaking news for you guys. Rey says our life has already had many breaks. Vp says when you get success without rejections how will you appreciate it. Sharon says they cant get him when VP replies with a reputed institute of dance has contacted them and they want us to get affiliated to their university. If this tie-up is happens they will need a dance academy by which your dance academy proposal will get approved. The gang gets happy and thanks him.Vp asks them to control their excitement as the proposal is not accepted. The dance institute wants to check if they match their criteria. Amar replies saying they will prove it to them. Gang enjoys seeing Dil dostii dance. Sharon sees Swayam’s mobile kept aside and picks it up and comes out of the canteen. She check it out and finds a international number. Kriya’s phone rings and she picks up saying Swayam I was about to call you whenever we speak the line gets disconnected.. Sharon is schoked. Swayam pulls the phone asking her what is she doing with his phone. Sharon replies wih her phone got dead and she needs to call someone. Swayam asks her to show when Sharon asks does he not believe her. Swayam says he does not believe her.She can lie but her eyes can not. I know exactly what you were trying to do and do not need any explanations. Checking someone’s phone is not good. You have lost the rights on me and do not touch my personal things without my permission. Sharon thinks I do not know but felt her voice familiar like it was Kriya’s.

Precap: Kriya comes to India. Rey to send off his dad. Kriya calls for a taxi when someone says excuse me.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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