Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Gunjan saying that with all their cooperation they can make their area safe and then the country also will be safe. The people disagree with Gunjan saying that why should they take up the responsibility and they don’t have time for all this and that Gunjan is just putting up a drama everyday. They all want to leave but Gunjan stops them. Some say there’s no need to leave the house after sunsets but Rachana disagrees saying that the culprits are the wrongdoers but the girls are the one that is restricted. Gunjan mentions that not only are the crimes done on women but also to men, senior citizens and children. One lady tells them to go and preach to a leader and the crowd disperses. Gunjan and Rachana are upset. Chaya’s mother tells Chaya that no one is going to understand and relate to their problem. Nitya calls Kabir and asks if they should keep Rachana as an intern. He tells her its up to her and he doesn’t bother. Nitya calls Rachana and asks her why she isn’t at work and tells her she’s luck Kabir didn’t fire her and says he’s working from his house and that she should go and help him out with the designs but Rachana refuses. Gunjan asks what is it about and Rachana says her office called her and tells her that the guy owning the black car was her boss. Gunjan is shocked and asks if Rachana is planning to quit the job but Rachana says she thought she would be fired after what has happened but says they called her to help him at his house. Gunjan says she isn’t going because she’s scared and that the irony is that Rachana herself was preaching about bravery. Chaya calls and tells Gunjan that she heard the sketch they put up. Gunjan tells her about a plan. She then tells Rachana they will return tomorrow and for now they’ll head home. Rachana and Gunjan come home and seek permission from Shail and Seema to go out the next day however they want them to help with cooking starters. Rachana and Gunjan are in a fix of what to do. Chaya is sneaking out of the house and is sad she has to disobey her mother but thinks that she has promised Gunjan. Chaya is walking and remembers Gunjan telling her to walk and stand in front of the goons and if they do anything they all will be nearby. Gunjan is trying to convince Seema to let them go but she says there’s so much of work and its dangerous. Shail comes and Seema tells Shail to make the girls understand. Rachana tells Shail this is their plan to raise awarness among the public. Gunjan tells Seema that Chaya is like a daughter to her and that how can she stand if anything happens to her. Gunjan says are they expected to sit at home and do nothing. Shail finally agrees to let them go but only when Mayank gets back. Rachana and Gunjan tells that it might be too late and something might happen to Chaya. The goons start disturbing and old man and push him and he gets hurt. Chaya looks at this and tells them this area is not for them. They recognize her as the one that ran from them other day. Gunjan and Rachana managed to convince Shail to let them go. The goons start tormenting her. Meanwhile Gunjan and Rachaan and Chaya’s friends come and help beat up the guys. Rachana and Gunjan arrive and are shocked.

Episode Ends

Ankit andRoopal dancing to Jeena Laga Hoon at Zee Rishtey Awards. Then they are promoting Zee Rishtey Awards.

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