Mahabharat 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 29th November 2013 Written Update

1. Krishna’s sister Subadra comes to visit Hastinapur. Meets her Buaji, Kunti. She also happens to be Dushala’s friend. Arjun and Subadra exchange glances while passing eachother.

2. A small nokjhok between Arjun, Bheem and Kunti. Bheem wants to sit beside Kunti, Kunti says it is ladies side. Arjun teases his brother about getting something to eat, and Bheem take it jovially and they move on.

3. There is a sangeet happening. People stand around and watch. Dushala and Subadra are also spectators. Yudishtra comes there with his youngest brothers and they get introduced to Subadra. They ask about Krishna. Dhushala says that Subadra can play veena very nicely. Arjun arrive there. Nakul notices that Subadra and Arjun are exchanging more than customary glances and introduces Subadra to Arjun. Arjun raises his eyebrows in recognition.

4. Bheem also arrives there and he also notices the attraction between Arjun and Subadra. Nakul and Bheem nudge Arjun to play veena, they tell Subadra that Arjun can play veena too. Arjun is reluctant at first but relents finally and starts playing Veena.

5. Duryodhan and Karn arrive there with three other Kauravas and they also watch Arjun playing veena. Duryodhan sees Subadra watching Arjun with admiration and smirks. Everyone clap for Arjun and Duryoshan starts to taunt Arjun, he also throws his jewel telling Arjun that this was the gift for his performance. Sakuni also arrives there.

6.Arjun and Duryodhan pass some comments against eachother. Karn says may be he should learn dancing also, it will help him to persue girls as his Archery might not be upto the mark to impress the girls.

6. Arjun gets angry and raises his dragger to attack Karn. Bhishm Pitamahan and Mahamandri Vidur arrive there. Sakuni starts to taunt Arjun;s behavior. Maharaj Dhirtrastra comes there and asks what happened. Sakuni puts it in a way which plainly says that Arjun was disrespectful to AngRaj. Gandhari says may be they were playing. Sakuni says that Karn and Arjun aren’t friends not are they brothers to play like that. He demands Mahamandri Vidur to give judgement. Vidur keeps quiet.

7. Dhiritrastra reprimands Arjun and quiets him when he opens his mouth to explain. He asks for forgiveness to AngRaj. Karn deems it unnecessary. Duryodhan says that Arjun’s behavior needs to be punished. Dhritrastra says yes, for his behavior, Arjun should walk out of the rajya.

Monday’s episode Precap
Arjun is asked to wash Karn’s legs as punishment.

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