Dil Dosti Dance 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The team thanks the audience. Sara and Huma take the man, they ask he cut the rope. He says yes, The girls say they will get him to police. He asks do they have the proof, the police taps at his back and takes him. The sponsors tell the girls, good job. Huma comes and hugs Karma. The sponsors appreciate the team. He gives them 15, 00,000. He got ready their flex as well, and gives them cake as a small surprise. They cut the cake, and celebrate.
Swayam offers Sharon the cake, she takes it. Sara asks her that they have sort out their differences, so now move on. She asks Swayam to make her eat, Sharon eat from his hand. He smiles. Karma was saddened, Bharat ask him why is he so
Karma gives cake to Huma’s mouth. Huma makes Karma take it. Rey asks for music, they all dance and celebrate together.
Rey takes a leave from everyone. Sara thinks this is the right time to tell Rey. She asks Rey if he is going home, and asks to drop her. Sharon comes and says to Sara, that her mom had called her. At home, Sharon says to Sara that her mom isn’t home still. Sara wasn’t eating, lost. She goes to make a call. She says to Rey that he has to talk to him, he asks to come. She asks to come to her home. Sara asks Sharon that she has to leave. Sharon asks her to drop it, then says she will make the driver drop her.
Rey was waiting for Sara outside her home. Sara comes to her, and asks him to drive. They get in the car. Rey says sorry to Sara, saying he must take her care in such a condition. She explains, but he doesn’t listen. He says he will make up for his mistake, and will stay with her. She thinks he must not make it difficult for her. He says he has a surprise for her, and asks her to drive. She asks that she wants to stop the car, and wants a walk. They go on walk side by side. He covers her with his coat, and enjoy on the road side, dancing.

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Sara asks Rey not to care about her so much. Rey says that he can do this atleast. She is her responsibility. She says but, but he stops her and asks to go home as it is late. He drops her home, and says good night. He says she will supervise the musical, but won’t dance. She resists, but he says he wants to take his responsibility. She says they will talk about it tomorrow, he leaves. She thinks she isn’t able to tell Rey the truth.
They all rehearse in the college. Sharon and Swayam are again reluctant. Rey asks him to be punctual. Huma says they are doing the practice for last four days, but Rey says they only have a week for musical. Rey asks to lift the partners, he lifts Sara, but remembers Kriya. Sara asks why his hands are shivering. Swayam says this is so much strain, pack up for now.
Swayam comes to Rey, and asks why he is in such tension. Rey says it isn’t only about musical, he asks what else is making him tense.
Huma watches balloons in her window, she goes to see Karma there. He poses at her, and waves. She smiles, then thinks about a prank. She goes inside and begin throwing sandals on him, with notes Get Lost Loser. The last one gets in his head saying he must put all the sandals near his door. She closes the window and the curtain and leaves.
Swayam is shocked, and asks if he is serious that Sara is pregnant. Rey says he just consider her as friend, but on party day we spent the night together. Rey says she is now his responsibility, and he will be with her. Swayam asks if Kriya knows about it. Rey says he doesn’t have the courage to tell her. Swayam keeps hand on his shoulder, and says Ok. He tells Rey to think about it and keep it a secret. He says he will tell Kriya on the right time. Rey agrees, and says he is already very stressed and asks why he is tensed and what was he thinking about at the time of rehearsal. Swayam says he is going on a date tomorrow, Sharon is going too with St. Luois students, separately. Rey asks isn’t it good, they both want it. Swayam says yes, this is what they want. Rey asks Swayam what if Sharon gets serious taking the boy. Swayam says he can even get serious with the girl. Rey says it can be a new beginning of their lives together. Swayam says he is really excited, Rey says he can see it and thinks he and Sharon are as stubborn and won’t accept each other’s feelings.

PRECAP: Sharon gets Kriya’a call that Rey wants to tell her something about Sara. She asks Swayam, but Swayam says its better Rey tells it to Kriya himself.

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