Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ankita asking Bhabho to understand Sandhya. Vikram says Bhabho lost a kidney because of her. Meenakshi says we have spent 9 lakhs for her treatment. Ankur says so its about money, fine, I will give money, Sooraj you would have told me about this. Sooraj says don’t make relations as business, else I will not be able to give you respect. Ankur says I don’t want such respect, you can’t hurt me and my sister’s esteem like this. He says you are adamant, and I won’t request again, Sandhya has an identity, she is ASP of Pushkar police, and has bright future, the country is proud of her, she is not alone, I m with her, I was mad to come here to talk to you, but seeing your behavior, I don’t think you will keep the marriage, today I break Sandhya’s relation with you and this family.

He says she is not your wife and this house’s bahu now, the truth is you and your family does not deserve her. Everyone is shocked. Ankur asks Ankita to come, it was out mistake to talk to them. He holds her hand and takes her out. Sandhya works in police station and talks to Kumar. Kumar says SP called and said about complain against illegal act and asked us to raid. She says I will come. Sodhi says a wife complained against her husband for domestic violence. She says I will meet her, surprise visit will be necessary. Zakir comes to her and says I will go for raid, you meet the woman. Sandhya says you have much work, I will manage this.

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He says we will solve this, but what about other one, and you have to focus on it. He says about her and Sooraj’s relation. Mohit and Vikram are angry on Ankur. Meenakshi says Ankur would have given us money, we have to pay 9 lakhs. Vikram says nothing is more imp than Bhabho’s life. She thinks he is blind in mum’s love. She says whatever happened, forget it, take Soorraj to govt office and get the amount. Vikram stops her.

She speaks against Ankur and Sandhya. She says even Sooraj and Bhabho are diamond, show it to Ankur. Vikram says yes, I will take Sooraj with me. She thanks Lord. Bhabho talks to Babasa. She says I wish Sooraj did not come out of plane, I went after him and got shot. Sooraj and Sandhya’s relation got broken, that he has punished Sandhya without any crime, I m responsible for this. Babasa says don’t blame yourself, any mum will do this seeing a son’s life in danger, its not your mistake. She says then why did Sooraj punish Sandhya, we know she has always protected us, and all family forgot her, Sooraj was like her soul, they were linked, and now he has not felt Sandhya’s pain.

He says she has come here by seven rounds, how could Sooraj forget her love, how? Babasa says Sooraj was honest towards her and was ideal husband, but he is also a son. He defends Sooraj. She says Sooraj and Saanjh can’t be apart, Sandhya means Saanjh. I will never let them get apart, I will unite them at any cost. She prays to Lord. Sooraj and Vikram go to govt office to take the amount. They talk to an officer, and says Sooraj did good work. He asks for bribe. Sooraj and Vikram get angry. Sooraj says I did not come to get you any recommendation. The man asks Vikram to explain Sooraj. Sooraj refuses.The man says he will never do his work now. Vikram stops Sooraj and says we can get our work done. Vikram says you mean I should give bribe. Vikram says don’t talk like Sandhya, no need to argue, lets solve this matter.

Sooraj says yes, I will solve this matter, you go to shop and I will call you. Zakir tells Sandhya that she has to be mentally fine by solving her case, and not run. She says she is not running, you tell me what can I do. He says come with me to talk to Sooraj. She says no. Zakir asks why, can’t you try once, or is your ego bigger than this relation. Sandhya says its not about ego, but about self esteem. She comes to know Sooraj came to meet her. Zakir smiles and asks Sooraj to come inside.

Sandhya and Sooraj walk in opposite directions and look at each other. They come face to face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. brainless sooraj

    I literally loved what ankur told
    And sooraj deserves it
    Babho ur great
    But the writers r dragging the serial it fr no reason

    1. Totally agree, Ankur stood up for his sister because she did the right thing. Sooraj is being stubborn. Had he not stepped out of the plane, nothing would have happened to Bhabho. He’s responsible and he’s placing the blame on Sandhya. Not fair.

  2. Hey u brain less….human being…How dare u said suraj rathi….

  3. Suraj rathi is the best. …suraj rathi is the best.
    Love you suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi

  4. best serial on star plus. .

  5. So suraj if you would have not come out of the secure bay as sandhya had asked and if something would have happened to Sandhya. Would you have held yourself responsible for not saving her from harms way or let her be the coward and protect herself. And not. The rest of the public that had already suffered so much.
    So…….absurd story line. Logic of this episode is totally senseless.

  6. Even Bhaho admitted that it was her mistake not Sandhya’s comeon bhabasa wake up….

  7. greedy nd selfish people.bhabho u r right . u r rocking .babasa brainless .

  8. Babasa is good for nothing….stupid fellow…

  9. all dis happened cz of stupid babasa..if he would’nt have lit the fire dn dat suraj would have stayed calm…

  10. Well done Ankur!!!
    Suraj is responsible for bhabho’s condition not sandhya!!!

  11. suraj is tries to lawful for his family and tries to protect the sandhya’s dream from future problems because sandhya wants to serve for her country.

  12. It’s Suraj’s fault Bhabo was shot not Sandhya’s! Real daffoor family. Why not make Bhabasa die due to Vikram or Suraj then, everyone can twist around and say it’s Suraj /Vikram’s fault? ???
    Someone needed to be blamed in Rathis parivar right,? Real boring and dragging too long. .. The writer have to use his brain a bit and change the episodes now! Silly story !

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