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The Episode starts with Titu talking to his friends. He says he has film at 1pm and even pandit ji is coming at that time, what should I do now, I did not miss any film in 20 years and jokes. His friend says he will take the pandit home, and asks Titu to watch the film. Titu says my dad will beat me if he knows this. His friend asks others to get ticket fast. Titu asks shall I really go, and how will you identify the pandit. His friend says its easy to identity pandit, by his tilak and beads in neck. Titu says fine, and leaves. The pandit comes and says Kamlesh ji has not sent anyone to take me. They see the pandit (Rachna’s father in law)and fall in his feet. He asks did inspector send you. They see Titu named his dad Daroga ji and says yes yes, come with us. They take the pandit and leave.


family pandit comes and looks for someone to take him home. He says its my insult, no one came to take me from Govind Narayan’s home, I will sit here till they come and not move. Panchi comes there in rickshaw. She stops seeing the bus and goes to take the pandit. She says I left home on time, and still got late by traffic. She sees the bus empty and says where did he go. She tells her dad that she has seen everywhere and pandit ji is not here. Mukul works in shop. Bhagwati brings tiffin for him. Mukul asks her to leave. She says you did not have food since morning, have food, am I your enemy, don’t I want you to succeed. He says stop this nonsense, you have this food. She says can I have food if you stay hungry.

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She requests him to have food and not get angry. He says Govind went to buy puja items, I will eat when he comes. She insists and he eats the food. He says Titu can’t do anything, if he does anything fine, change my name. She says where did Rachna’s father in law go, and checks all pandits there. Titu comes there and she falls on him again. Tujhe dekha to ye………….plays……………… Titu says you look a bhelpuri. She gets away. The people see them. Titu says yes film is going on here and talks to them. Panchi smiles seeing his witty liners. He says you are the one who wrote the matter. She says no, I wrote it well and the card shop man changed it, I told him to apologize. He says yes, he apologized to family and everything went fine. She says she is Panchi. He says I m Titu, did you come for work or following me.

She says I came to take my sister’s father in law and he is not here. Titu says time is important. She gets her dad’s call and says I m not getting uncle. He says find him well and call me. Titu says he will help her now, uncle is like his sister’s father in law, I have bike but who will drive. She smiles. He says he knows all Mathura lanes and asks her to sit. They sit in the rickshaw and leave. Rachna’s father in law likes the room and goes to have bath. The rickshaw skips and Panchi holds Titu’s hand, and smiles on Titu’s jokes. He gets a call from Bablu that they have taken pandit to the hotel, and they will take him home when he comes, and he will not give any food to him, as he is having nirjal fast. Rachna’s father in law hears them saying this and thinks they have kidnapped him.

He says he will call Rachna’s dad, and says its not my mistake, I will leave. Titu’s friends try to stop him. Panchi and Titu are looking for him. His friends run to stop him. Titu talks to Panchi about love and marriage all Star Plus shows. Panchi laughs.

Rachna’s father in law runs and Titu’s friend asks him to stop. Panchi asks about him everywhere. Titu says come, we will see ahead. He bumps into Titu’s dad and runs. Titu sees Govind and hides his face by Panchi’s dupatta. Rachna’s father in law asks them to leave him. Titu’s friends say how will we reply Titu if we leave you, and lift him. He gets scared. Govind tells Mukul that accounts are not right, and Mukul checks it. Mukul gives the accounts and says he got snacks for staff. Govind gets angry and says I will keeo the safe keys from today. Titu’s friends ask Rachna’s father in law not to run, else their heart will break. They leave to get his bags. Rachna’s father in law Arvind calls Panchi’s dad Kamlesh and says he is kidnapped by Titu.

Panchi is with Titu and looking around. Titu sees his family pandit, and says if you are here, whom did my friends take. He calls Bablu and asks whom did they take, if his pandit is here. Kamlesh calls Panchi and says uncle is kidnapped by Titu. She is shocked. He says I m going to arrest Titu, you also come there. Panchi sees uncle’s pic in Titu’s phone and says he is Rachna’s father in law. Titu says my friends have mistaken him as our pandit and took him.

Govind and Surekha argue with Panchi’s dad and defend Titu. Kamlesh asks his staff to search the house for Arvind ji.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s show was too good
    Titu and panchi look great and cute together.
    Anyways thanks for the update Amena.

  2. nice episode……………..

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