Dil Dosti Dance 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Swayam finds a compass in the box that drops in his feet. On a paper inside, it was written to follow the north f compass to reach the person he came to meet.
Rinni says I believe in love at first sight. Jignesh says you are perfect for me and asks her if she would spend her whole life with her. He says they can live in Flourida and she can also accomplish her dance dream there. She thanks him for thinking like this but thinks is she ready for all this; to go with a stranger whom she likes, leaving her life and friends behind.
Swayam comes to the terrace and shouts, ‘is someone there.’ The lights turn on suddenly, he sees a table set in the terrace. He thinks about Ruhi then jerks the thought. Someone with a rid in hand comes from behind, he turns in time. The party blooper bursts as Sharon hits the rod over Swayam’s head. She laughs at his frightened face, and asks how he said he won’t leave whoever did this. He holds her hand saying he won’t leave her. She asks how liked the surprise? He says it was more of heart attack. The both hug each other tight. Sharon says I won’t let you die like this and I missed you. She says she is hungry and is coming directly from airport to set this all. He says you are very dramatic and filmy.
He asks why she didn’t call her. He tells her that a lady picked his call and told him you are busy. Sharon says my mom hijacked me and took my phone also. She begins to explain while he says not to worry. She tells him she has a surprise for you, my mom is here and wants to meet you. Swayam was shocked.
Rinni comes to Bharat’s garage and asks about Amar who is not responding on phone. Bharat tells her everyone knows it’s his sister’s wedding. Rinni was heartbroken and tells Bharat she came to thank Amar for being such a great friend.
Swayam was worried and says that you gets angry so easily, your mom must get double angry. Sharon says she is my mom not a villain so chill. He drinks water and says when to meet. She says she will call you. He asks when. She is irritated and says he must not talk to her about her mom.
Vicky and Nil argues on a bag. Nil gives him a box with a shirt on it and tells him that he bought it on OLX. Vicky asks did you sell my watch. Nil runs while Vicky follows him.
Swayam stops at once while smiling. Sharon asks what happened. Swayam says he forgot everything in the happiness of her arrival. He says a lot happened when she wasn’t here that she won’t like. He tells her about everything – the VP sir’s stance and Rey’s suspension. Sharon asks what they will do now, he says he doesn’t know. She asks where Rey is.
At night Kriya is thinking how dean sir can make such a contract, it must be morning in US so she must call her. He congratulates her on affiliation. She says they all think the conditions are not acceptable, she explains it is about the play role and we thought we would be the owners. He says we are facilitating you and I took the responsibility on your behalf. She requests him to modify the conditions but he says it is done now and hangs on. She looks at Rey asleep and is worried. She thinks where has time brought her, at one end there is Rey and on another side there is the whole college.

PRECAP: Sharon tells Rey that her mom is coming back as the college board of directors. They resolve to fight. There Kriya and Swayam says they must sign the contract so that VP sir takes his suspension back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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