Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rashi gets worried for Kokila. Ahem says we will search her. Kinjal cries as she couldn’t come to her house because of Kokila’s memory loss. Gopi gets a call from Ahem saying Kokila went to Mandir. Kinjal cries. Gopi says, I will go and search for Maaji. She asks Kinjal to take care of kids and she will inform her. Ahem and his father come to the temple. Jigar tells them that Kaki was here talking to the pandit. Kinjal calls and asks Rashi about Kokila. Rashi says, we will search her soon and asks her not to worry. Urmila asks Kinjal to stop crying as kids are watching and may get tensed. Ahem and Jigar start searching for Urmila. Jigar tells Ahem was Kakiji was here, but don’t know how she vanished. Gopi comes there .

Hetal gets worried for Kokila and cries. Rashi asks her to have strength. Radha calls Tripti and asks her to kill Kokila. She is shocked to see Kokila coming back home with the pandit. Everyone are happy. Kokila comes and tells baa that I went after taking your permission. She says, I went in a auto and bring Panditji with him. Rashi goes to inform Jigar. She calls Jigar and informs him about Kokila coming home. They get happy. Gopi thanks the Lord, followed by her family.

Gopi asks Ahem to call Kinjal. Ahem says ok. Kokila asks Panditji to give her mahurat details. Rashi asks, what. Kokila says, she wants the marriage of hasmukh and Mani to happen soon. Rashi gets shocked. A tray falls from Radha’s hands. Panditji says, tomorrow is very auspicious. Hetal says, it can’t happen.

Kokila asks her not to forget that this house is her’s too. Hetal says, we can’t take someone’s life decisions. Marriage should be Hasmukh’s decision. Kokila says, you people keep telling that Hasmukh is like family member then I do have the right to take the decision. She tells Baa that it was necessary for Jigna’s life. Rashi tries to speak, but Kokila shuts her. Kokila says, my decision is final and asks Panditji to do the marriage preparation. Ahem , Jigar and the rest of the family are tensed.

She tells Hetal, why you are opposing my every decision. She says, you opposed when I asked Gopi and Ahem to leave. Ahem says, we will go tomorrow. Kokila says, tomorrow Hasmukh and Mani will marry. Ahem sadly says yes. Rashi scolds Ahem for agreeing for hasmukh and Radha’s marriage. She blames Radha. Radha says, I didn’t ask her. Rashi goes angrily. Ahem asks Hetal to make Rashi understand the situation. He says, mom’s memory is getting worse day by day. Hetal says, I have full faith that Jigar will take care of Rashi.

Kinjal asks Dhaval to talk to Pooja. Dhaval refuses. Kinjal says, she might not be wrong. He asks her why she wants him to talk to Pooja. Kinjal says, Pooja has export business and she may help us with our Kinjal Vests. Urmila overhears them.

Kokila searches for Rashi/ Jigna. She asks Gopi about her. She gets tensed. Gopi asks her to calm down. She says, I will call and enquires her. Kokila feels pain in her head. Gopi tells Hetal that Kokila seems to forget the recent happenings and prays for her betterment. Kokila asks Hetal, did you see Jigna. Gopi calls Rashi, but the phone is not reachable. Rashi comes with Jigar after marrying him. Kokila gets shocked.

Rashi tells Kokila that she married Hasmukh. Kokila gets shocked and shaken. She scolds Rashi and is about to slap Rashi. Jigar gets slapped by her. Kokila slaps Rashi then. She scolds her. Rashi says, you can get angry, but you have to accept the truth. Ahem stops Kokila from slapping them further.

Police comes and arrest Ahem and Gopi and says you are under arrest as Kokila modi filed a complaint against both of you.

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  1. Why can’t the family members just tell Kokila that she has lost her memory and that Jigar & Rashi are already married. That will solve lots of problems.

    1. point to be noted. u are right…. give some senses to these nutters..

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