Ek Mutthi Aasman 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Pakhi gives mummy ji water and says everything has changed. There were times whene everyone used to celebrate my birthday now no one remembers it. Mummy ji higs her. Pakhi says do you remember it ? I thought no one does. Kamla comes and says how can i forget your birthday. Pakhi goes running to kamla and hugs her. Gauri comes there and asks kamla when did you come ? Kamla says just now. Kamla tells gauri that its Pakhi’s birthday. Gives her your prayers. Pakhi bows down but Gauri steps back. Kamla says she asked for your prayers and you stepped back ? Gauri says i can’t do it. Kaml says because deep down in your heart you know you are wrong. What pakhi’s parents did to you was wronf Pakhi knows that too. Don’t do this with her. She needs you. Gauri says no kamla she reminds me of my husband’s death. I recall the days when i was homeless. I can’t pardon her and accept her. Forgive me kamla. She leaves. kamla looks are Pakhi who is still in tears. Kamla says don’t be upset. She is a nice lady she will be fine with you. She is just a bit hurt she will accept you one day. She will get it one day that love is everything. A day will come when Rghav and tai will accept this relationship. Kamla says now lets go and cut the cake. Pakhi cuts the cake with Kamla. Pakhi says kamla maa can i come with you ? I wanna meet kalpi and apologize her. Its her birthdya too i wanna wish her for last time. Kamla says thats good, you can come with me. Kamla says to mummy ji i will send her back soon. Mummy ji nods.

Scene 2
Vitthal looks at the prayer place for money. Kamla comes in with pakhi. Everyone is dazed. Pakhi says won’t you sih me vitthal uncle ? Vitthal says happy birthday in a bit stern way. Pakiya says happy birthday and they both leave. Kalpi is n it looking at Pakhi. Pakhi comes to Kalpi and says happy birthday to you kalpi. I am sorry Kalpi. I never knew that Raghav loves you. I would never have done this. Kalpi says leave it its not your mistake. It was my fate. Kalpi leaves. Kamla comes there and says Kalpi needs some time to get over this but i know that she will come out of all this one day. A day will come when she will be so happy. Look its late you should go home. You ahve to fulfill your relation. I have all my trust in you Pakhi. I know you will be responsible. Pakhi hugs Kamla.

Scene 3
Nettu comes home with some shopping bags. She sneaks in to poki’s room. She can’t find her. She looks for her everywhere. She sees the AC’s remote and turns it on. She says oh it feels like heaven to be out of that chowl. She opens Pakhi’s closet and takes out a sari. She plans on wearing it and sleeps on the bed.
Gauri passes by the room and sees Nettu sleeping there. She wonders what is she doing there?
Gauri comes in the room in resentment. She takes the water glass and pours it on her. Nettu wakes up and says theif. Gauri says thats what i was saying theif. You are a theif who comes in other people’s house without permission. You came to your own daughter’s house to steal stuff. Even beggars stand out of the house you are even worse than them. Now get lost or i will call police. She throws nettu out. Nettu is angry and says i am helpless and can’t call police but i will take my revenge. She threw us out of our home and dcecived us.

Scene 4
Pakiya takes Kalpi downstairs with her eyes covered. She opens her eyes and its all decorated with ballons. All the people of chowl have gathered to wish kalpi. Kamla shows kalpi that everyone has made your favorite dishes but take my sweet first. manda says Kalpi i ahev made kulfa for you. Taste it and tell them that i have made the best dish. Kalpi says thank you so much everyone this is the best birthday. I will never forget this birthday. Everyone gifts her differebt things. Nettu comes and says guests are so tired and hosts are celebrating. She looks at the food to eat and says this is what they eat. Vitthal gets angry, Kamla stops her and says why should we ruin our happiness for her. Vitthal says look at her she has lost all her respect. She even stole the money from prayer place. Amazing. Everyone is laughing at the way nettu is eating.
Kalpi gets upset thinking about the time when Raghav proposed her at the poolside and she said yes. kamla looks at her. Sammy comes with a bouqet for kalpi and says Raghav is waiting for you at the temple. he still loves you a lot. He has decided that he will divorce pakhi. Kalpi is shocked. He says Raghav wanna rectify everything. He just wanna meet you once. He won’t leave until you don’t come to see him. Kamla is there too. Kalpi and sammy are dazed.


precap- Gauri says to Raghav kalpi is a nice girl and i like her too but you can’t marry her. You can’t divorce pakhi, she is the weakest person to take revenge from. Raghav says divorcing pakhi will be another step if their destruction..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. So frustrated with this show

  3. what is kamla starring at now????? what is her problem????? annoying speciment……tutttttt….and gauri pls let him divorce ….

  4. Sammy forgot to tell Kalpi that Raghav will jump off the cliff if she refuses to come. What a boring episode. Every time I see Kamla, I fought the urge to slap her. Then I remember that I’ll just slap my screen and not her. Ugh. She’s such a f**ktard.

  5. An dne watchn ema…d writers are off the point…now its Gauri dt will spoil the whole ish…dey shud reunite kalpi n raghav.n den end the show..its soo boring now..its not movinf forward

  6. mytwobitsworth

    I cant be bothered to read the update even…But wanted to tell my friends here a few things.
    1) Zee TV keeps tweeting about twists and planting rumours about RAGNA to shore up sinking TRPs.
    On twitter Ishaan Manhas has openly asked to ensure that 7 PM TV is on.

    2) This show is doomed and is self destructing. But the cast and crew feels its a personal attack. And they seem to forget the fact that we actually pay for watching and would like something remotely sensible.

    Please don’t fall for it..

    1. mytwobitsworth

      OH and do check Siddanth’s tweets too….He could have just ignored the fan tweets, but feels the need to tell us how stupid we are. Actually we are stupid…wasting time on this unbelievable nonsense.

  7. why do they want to give us kalpi and raghav like this……i am not sure what is raghav motive….why will he hurt kalpi…….is this how they wish to lure us back to the show….come on..still they could have had the fake marriage…still not what the viewers wanted….what happened to the purity of ragna…..i really dont want to see angry kalpi……….it takes away from what was EMA….as for kamla please stop pushing what is not there….kamla is the cause of paki unhappiness….and for the first time i wish to see kalpi stand up against kamla…..
    i am not saying what raghav did is right but kamla could have let kalpi at least speak to him and let her decide her future…..kamla left kalpi to drown as a child in i pond and now she manipulating kalpi for paki benefit…it has nothing to do with the sanctity of marriage…..because if that was the case she would have let paki divorce raghav because it is a loveless marriage.

    1. mytwobitsworth

      If they can show Kalpi and Paaki having two birthdays in a span of six months they can show anything…The writers have no idea about anything, marriage laws, contract laws, divorce nothing. The expect us to swallow everything they show. The most illogical crap ever…watch Beintehaa and Rangrasiya instead. I am only sad for Rachana and Ashish.

      1. Ek Hasina thi-star plus at 8.00pm,
        yeh Mohabbat hai -star plus11.00
        Tumhari pakhi, Life ok

    2. What is the meaning of fake marriage? There is no fake marriage they got married legally and that is why they are going for divorce!!

  8. From today im not going to see this stupd show.i thought that gauri will understand her son feelings and make him reunite with his girlfriend kalpi.but today i lose the hope .oh directors pls bring back our ragna jodi.

  9. i am glad paki is being hurt because she is dreaming love dont grow over time the damn man dont like uh leave him….why humilate urself like that…..paki behaving brainless….oh and if she knew raghav liked kalpi but u know now and u not willing to give him up…so annoying

  10. it just ridiculous….I cant watch it anymore……..

  11. what a f**king nonsense serial is this???????????????
    why do u guys even watch it??????????????????????????????????

  12. Disgusting epi surely raghna wont happen ya phir monster pd will kalpi second wife of raghav isse jyada she cannot think or create any thing beyond many marriages an all ab lagta hai this week is my last to watch ema day by day frustration is increasing

    1. I mean raghav will hav two wives

  13. Kamla gives lecture to all except neetu even she steal the money from her houae an still she is quite an keeps vithal quite is vithal happy doing this type of role people admired him most but now he is only the tail of kamla kamla jaise log real mai nahi hotte no body wants criminal in their house

  14. I am also starting to hate this show. I just don’t understand why the writers are giving kalpi all this pain and kamala who I just hate gives paaki all the hopes about raghav and her. Kalpi need to stand up and see y raghav did all this . kamala just talks stupid. They better change the story or else I will stop watching ema.

    1. mytwobitsworth

      Stop watching Jasmine…only then they will notice. Else it doesn’t matter to them in any way.

  15. Kamla and paaki to selfish!!! The man don’t love you but you and your dotish Kamla maa aka god pushing up where you all don’t belong! Kamla needs to be educated its good Gauri told her to mind her business, go ahead Kamla eat the kapoor’s shit

    1. spoken lik ea true trini

    2. Ha ah ha ah oh lord..
      Girl you good yes

  16. Kalpi dont give up .time is the only medicine.take your own path grow to greater heights . ignoring raghav is the bestsolution to take revenge kalpi. It’s impossible to kill your ownlove kalpi cares for others .howz is it possible raghav to make new glass from broken pieces..hope the show is turning from kamala ma to kalpi.

  17. Kamla kalpi vittal aur pakya ke samne ye jatati hai ki raghav dhoka diya hai vo sabke jindagi ke sath khilwad kiya hai uspe bharosa nahi kar sakte use maaf nahi karsakte ……….. Aur vahi kamla pakhi ke samne raghav galti ko maaf karne ke liye kehti hai aur uski tarafdari karti hai……… Isase saaf pata chalta hai ki kamla sirf aur sirf pakhi ki pyar ko bachana chahti hai…. Baki sab bhad me jaye kamla ko koi phark nahi padta…..

    1. I totally agree with u! i mean c’mon! We were all so happy that RAGNA finally happened and now the directors made this series just crap. it’s so stupid.

  18. Crystal Singh

    You watch these series, and get hooked on them, it’s suppose to be a show to enjoy—- But I tell you, after watching, you end up frustrated. Hating everyone, and hating not being able to do anything about it. What’s the point in watching these soaps, if you are depressed and frustrated at the end? Writers is that how much you care about your viewers? You don’t care if they are happy or not? Then why have these shows, you should consider closing shop. …. Cause it’s really a waste of everyone’s time.

  19. I swear this serial is becoming a big joke LOL! No logic..weakest plot ever..sorry the actors are gonna be in the downward spiral..I don’t even know if the writers even read these comments but I do have one thing to say, there is a reason why shows like Pavitra Rishta run as long as they do even though they may get slow sometimes the come back is banging! The plots are good, the story line is good and they give strength and independent thinking to their characters. They respect their elders but are not afraid to stand up for what is right. Kamla’s character is not doing anything for Kalpi’s character if she takes away Kalpi’s right to have a say in her life, all she does is give her false security saying things will be alright and her future will be bright…HOWW??!! By Kapli staying at home doing nothing ? Kamla always finds some argument to defend the Kapoors to her family but she’s a hypocrite..If someone realizes their mistake and wants to rectify it aren’t they allowed? But noooooo Kamla says they aren’t to be forgiven..Kalpi speak up

  20. if we give feed back here EMA get the point. since 3 months we hitting our head on the wall. no hope just watch – Ek hasina thi,yeh mahabatein -star plus. Rangrasya one of the best on colors. Ek bhood ishq-gustak dil -life ok-

  21. This show is completely ADSASINATED.
    One very good concept Is completely ruined. Csb are not creativs but destroying monsters. I used to think Ekta Kapoor is queen of pervert destructions but these CVS are way ahead of her.

  22. This show is becoming boring ill watch other show thumbs down

  23. kamla ki dimaag karab hogayi.maana ki kuch rishte nibathay nibhathey ban jathey hey lekin woh sab arranged marriage mein suit hotha hey jo insaan dil kisi aur ko rakh kar majboori mein shaadi kartha hey tho uss rishtey ko nibaane ka koi mathlab nahi bantha.raghav ne jis thara wedding ki ek dil pehle propose kiya woh sab kuch joot hey.jis rishtey ki buniyat jhoot se ho woh agey nahi badega aur rahi bath ragav ki tho woh paki ki aur dekhna bhi nahi chaatha usse accept karna tho bohot door ki baath hey aur ragav pls aisa math karo ek baar gauri ki bath sunkar tumne kalpi ka dil thod liya dobara aisa math karne bus apni dil ki suno jaha kalpi rehti hey.iss bar dil ki kilaf koi khadam math utao varna baath mein bahot pachtaogi

  24. Kumkum baghya Is gettimg better,,,can watch that instead of ema

  25. mytwobitsworth

    Now Shilpa Shirodkar tweets asking us to show gratitude…

    Really…Gratitude.,,gratitude.? .anyone doing some charity here? Sums up their attitude. we have to be grateful for their mere darshan…

  26. I am not watching anymore. I have better things to do with my time and this nonsense is boring, upsetting and I can’t stand it anymore!! They are rude- the writers and the ones that tweet and I as a viewer don’t need to be insulted! Good luck ema! I will check back next week BC this week seems doomed! Their so called twists are warped. Neetu will never suffer! Only kalpi will and Raghav needs to fight for kalpi and forget everything else!!

  27. Salute to all my raghna friends, for two days o kept myself away from this most disgusting show….. and waste time , this show is not recreative but distructive.
    BUT i miss you all my pen-pal We were enjoying a nice unique show which had a class ,grace & charisma
    Raghav & Kalpana entered in our home & heart.WE all start loving & caring for them as our own family
    THEN horrible twist & confusion by PDK & ,WRITERS ,KAMLA’s horrible attitude towords her own daughter, we were so disappointed so in order to save our raghna we tried to fix by complaining so that writers can see our view ,
    NOW even Gouri is against Kalpna who took care of her, Gouri doesnot see what her son needs,Before kamla was bad mother but now gouri is joining her,…..only one person can do something positive is RAGHAV stand BOLDLY
    (2) marry Kalpana Raghav’s life will be fullfiled with Kalpana they are made for each other
    (3) Free Pakhi BC raghav does not love Pakhi , lifelong marriage with out LOVE is dead life, PAKHI will comprmise but that is not 100% happiness just a subsitute

  28. This is ridiculous… best would be some how show Raghav intelligent enough that he is actually legally married to kalpi and that with pakhi was just a ct with no legal stands… And pakhi to understand it is better to spend life with some one who loves u not the other way round… marry kalpi n raghav … find business way to tackle sahil and he is force to admit his crime

  29. I am done of seeing horible like this how can ragav think of doing so i hate to watch it now

  30. A dialogue from the movie “The Vow” starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams….

    Paige : “look,i have a theory…”
    Paige:”One is guaranteed to preggers if she does it in a car”.
    they move forward to kiss… a heavy load vehicle comes and hit their car…and both meet with an accident.
    Paige(Rachel) suffers a memory loss in which she forgets about her life with her husband(leo)…she forgets every moment of love spent with him..she forgets every “vow” she took while getting married to him.

    leo : “I have a theory too. My theory is about moments. Moments of impacts.
    My theory is that, these moments of impact, these flashes of high intensity that completely turn our lives upside down actually end up defining who we are.”

    ther comes a turn in their lives….
    but like every other happy story…this couple too stays happy ever after!

    A worth watching movie “The Vow” absolutely fabuluous… 🙂


    siddhant agarwal ‏@siddhant13 16h
    mind ur Lang whoever u r
    Dont tweet ur “bullshit”tags on us
    Evn v cn sy stuff on ur face
    But v hv a class
    So we wont

    siddhant agarwal ‏@siddhan
    so dismeans u will tag in any crap u say?
    Use brains n common sense guys
    Ps:common sense is not so common

    siddhant agarwal ‏@siddhant13
    mind ur Lang whoever u r
    Dont tweet ur “bullshit”tags on us
    Evn v cn sy stuff on ur face
    But v hv a class
    So we wont
    siddhant agarwal ‏@siddhant13 15h
    so dismeans u will tag in any crap u say?
    Use brains n common sense guys
    Ps:common sense is not so common siddhant agarwal ‏@siddhant13 15h

    If we r rude, r v forcing u to watch us
    “U hav d remote, change the channel”
    Ps: atleast keep ur own name on twitter

    siddhant agarwal ‏@siddhant13 16h
    mind ur Lang whoever u r
    Dont tweet ur “bullshit”tags on us
    Evn v cn sy stuff on ur face
    But v hv a class
    So we wont

    siddhant agarwal ‏@siddhant13 17h
    If that’s d case , y r u tagging us, V r nt writers
    Don’t irritate us pls

    Mohit Dagga ‏@DaggaMohit May 26
    Jo log kahte hai hum banate hai aapko.hasi aati hai. yeh unka gamand hai. ek supreme power hai jo banata bigadta hai.tink abt it love bahut

    1. mytwobitsworth

      Siddhant Aggarwal is Pakiya

      1. So arrogant ppl…
        Frnd its high time to boycott this dumb serial. Not even super star actors wud nt have repleied like this.There is one saying :empty vessel makes lots of sound”.This is applicable to these actors who takes viewers response as bullshit

  32. mytwobitsworth

    After this twitter fiasco ,I don’t think I can ever enjoy EMA again…whatever track happens in future.
    There is only one way we can get our point across. Don’t watch the show. if you are curious go online. That way you can fast forward the dumbla/pookhie bits and assure lowest TRPs..
    I know its mean… and I love Ashish and Rachana, Ishaan and Tuhina… but…they need to respect their audience.

  33. Well said!

  34. By kamla nd poki’s effort raghav vil strt to loving her…….nd all of tht kalpi has to compromise as always……..I want kalpi to stand against her most dangerous enemy I.e. kamla……..she is nt ur mom damad…….nd vithhal be a strong man n husbNd …dnt b ur wifes tail…….luv u kalpi


  36. H all my Raghna friends Last night went to watch a icehockey game, it was very exciting forgot about EMA
    Had a wonderrfull time as our team CANADIAN WON

  37. Hiii guys….pls comment v math karo.comment karna,react karna means EMA ko importants dena.pls stop doing this.yar enko pata nahi hum kya kar sakte..TRP up v kar sakte or down v karsakte.

  38. yes we will do that

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