Dil Dosti Dance 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 27th August 2013 Written Update

Rey slaps Swayam.Swayam says this is what you think about me Rey.He continues saying even he can slap him but he won’t.He is not angry on Rey.He feels pity for Rey who can’t see the truth.He moves towards Sharon who is crying.He says she broke her promise.She tries to explain.He don’t let her complete and says there are problems in any relationships.But she made their problems public and she has proved that there is no trust in between them.She tries to interrupt but he says he don’t want any explanation.Sharon says she told Rey about the fight earlier.Swayam says she told everything to Rey and Rey his best friend judged him so easily.He turns towards Rey and says that he is sorry.He is not the Rey he knew.Rey tries to reply harshly again but Swayam stops him and leaves the

RH.Rey shouts from behind saying finish the conversation and leave.A hurt Swayam leaves the place .Sharon steps in.She says Rey to stop.She says Swayam never had any problem with Sharon and Rey being lead pair.He had problem with Aditya as Aditya always manipulate things.

Scene shifts to corridor where team is discussing about Rey being tensed.They see Sharon running out of RH crying badly.They go to Rey and ask him if he and Sharon had any fight.Rey says he had fight with Swayam .Swayam is trying to compete with him.Gang says Swayam can never do anything like that.He adores Rey and always supports him .Vicky asks Rey what is the problem.Rey reacts rudely that he just wants to be alone.

Scene shifts to girls locker room where Simi is trying to console Sharon.Sharon says she wants to be alone .Simi leaves her alone.She goes to the team and informs the gang that Rey and Swayam had fight.Rey slapped Swayam.Vicky says now they are getting what Swayam wanted to tell them about Aditya Khurana.They are stunned to see Rey’s action.They are tensed about this mess.Swayam is missing and Rey wants to be alone.

Rey recalls all the pat moments where he has suggested Swayam’s name for lead and promoting team.He thinks that he has done so much for the team but now everyone is against him.He gets a call from Aashi.She asks him how was the reaction to the scratch video.She tells Rey that Aditya told them to prepare video and told her not to tell anyone.Rey finally understand that Swayam was right about Aditya.

Gang is upset about Rey and Swayam fight.Swayam always tries to mend the fights between the team but now he is not there .They decide that career is not more important than friendship.So they decide to step down from the album as Aditya never wanted them in the album and all the fights are happening because of this.They decide to be team D3 where friendship is important not Reyzors.

Rey realizes his mistake after talking to Aashi.He realizes that he blamed Swayam and slapped him trusting others.Swayam was always right and he didn’t trust his friend .He trusted Aditya instead of Swayam.He recalls all the past things where Swayam and Team suffered because of his blind faith on Aditya.How Swayam and Sharon’s relationship suffered because of Aditya.Aditya wanted to separate Swayam from him as he will show him the right path.He was always wrong.He decides to mend all the mistakes done by him.He decides to defeat Aditya in his own game.

Precap:Sharon goes to Swayam’s place but he is not there.Rey talks to gang and says Swayam was always right .Gang suggests him to talk to Swayam but Swayam is missing.


Update Credit to: deep_tanha

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