Jee Le Zara 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 27th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi telling Pradeep why he is bringing these papers in between them. Dhruv comes and says can he read the papers? Pradeep asks who are you? Dhruv says I am Saanchi’s lawyer. Pradeep is angry at Saanchi. Dhruv says according to the contract you can’t throw Saanchi prabhu’s workers for atleast 3 years. Pradeep gets angry and says he will win the case. Saanchi says you are thinking me wrong. Pradeep leaves. Aaji and Nani praises Dhruv, while Saanchi is shocked. Dhruv comes and says he had fixed everything and is sure that he won’t troubled you. Saanchi says thank you and says Pradeep dada will not talk to her. She angrily thanks her for the help which she didn’t ask him. Dhruv asks what I did? Saanchi says she would have handle the issue at home and you took the issue in the court. She says Pradeep is her brother and I would have make him understand. You spoiled everything. Dhruv is shocked. Saanchi calls Mugha to call the lawyers immediately.

Aaji and Nani discusses that whether Pradeep will take us to court. Aaji says Pradeep and Saanchi are opposite. Pradeep is bitter while Saanchi is sweet. Nani says everything will be fine. Nani asks Prachi to make tea but Prachi says she don’t know how to prepare the tea and says you didn’t say anything infront of the outsider. Saanchi gives water to Nani and asks what happened. Aaji says she asked tea from Prachi but she didn’t give it. Saanchi says she will make the tea. Saanchi gives the photo album to Nani and Aaji and asks them to have a look at the beautiful memories, while she prepares the tea. Advait asks Saanchi whether he can help her out. Saanchi asks him to smile. Prachi is talking to someone, Saanchi comes and scolds Prachi about her behavoir towards Aaji and Nani. Prachi says she is sorry. Saanchi asks her to sorry now to Aaji and Nani. Dhruv looks at Saanchi’s house and comes inside his house. Dilshaad asks what happened? Dhruv says I think I spoiled Saanchi’s case. Dilshaad says don’t worry about Saanchi’s anger, she will be alright soon. Dilshaad says Saanchi is very smart and solves everybody’s problem. Dhruv says I increased her problems. Dhruv gets an idea and says he will solve Saanchi’s problems. Dilshaad greets him and says go for it.

Saanchi assistant Mugdha tells Saanchi that she searched two lawyers and asks whether they are in problem. Saanchi says we shall not worried when we are right. Saanchi comes to her cabin and meets the lawyers. It seems they are stupid lawyers. He says he didn’t fight any property related case but he will fight the case anyways.

Advait tells Dhruv that tai always win, Dhruv listens smilingly. Nani tells aaji that Saanchi needs a lawyer if Pradeep files the court case. Dhruv comes and says sorry to Nani and Aaji. He says I wants to rectify my mistake and wants to help you in this case. He says he spoiled everything and now he will rectify it. Aaji says it is a court case. Dhruv says he is a lawyer. Nani laughs. Dhruv makes both of them agree to him. aaji says this farm is Saanchi’s papa and chacha’s dream. They passed away and Saanchi is fulfilling their dream. She asks do you understand what I mean. Dhruv says he is understanding now.

Mudgha gives some envelope, may be court notice to Saanchi. Saanchi opens it and is shocked.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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