Sasural Simar Ka 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 27th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with roli walking on a street and while walking, she suddenly clashes with a man who is counting his money in his wallet. That man’s wallet falls down. Then roli tells him that she will pick up the wallet. She picks it up and then returns it to him. When she is giving him the wallet, she sees his face. His face looks the same as Shakti. When that man goes, roli suddenly remembers his face and she doubts him to be shakti, prem’s dad. Then she turns behind to find him. That man has a blanket on his face. When roli goes to find him, she sees that man and then stops him but it is someone else. Then she looks here and there and then sees that man standing near panipuri wala. Then she goes to cross the road but the cars come in between and before she reaches there

, that man goes away. Then she comes to the opposite side of the road and finds that he is gone. Back at simar’s new house , prem comes down with his office bag. Then simar asks him that where he is going, he tells them that he is going to find a new job. Then dadiji tells him that if bharadwaj parivar would have given him his part , then this all would have not happened. Then she gives him dahi shakar and simar puts a tika on him. He then goes. Then dadi tells simar that she will surely take prem’s part of his house. Then simar tells her that she is more obsessed with the property than prem’s difficulties. And she tells her that she can’t see prem’s tension even when she says he is her own blood. They argue on it and then simar goes and sits back to cut the vegetables. When roli is back at home, she sees mataji in the hall talking with a lawyer about the separation of the property. Then roli tells to herself that she has to stop mataji from doing such a big mistake. Then she goes in here room and to tell about shaktiji to sid. When she tries to tell about shakti, sid denies to listen to her about anything about that person and he goes away. Then she thinks of telling it to simar and she thinks of calling her. Then she thinks about prem’s promise to simar, so she messages this to simar. Simar is in her room and she receives the message about shakti dad and she gets shocked to hear this. Back there roli is thinking of shakti and suddenly a person strikes in her mind. Then she thinks that birju(dadaji’s faithful servant) only knows about what happened that night and so she thimks of finding birju so that the truth can come in front of everyone. Then she goes in mataji’s room to see the picture of birju in the album kept there and clarify so that she can find him through his photo. She is seeing for the picture and she gets it. Then roli says to herself that she can find him through the picture. Then mataji enters the room and listens what roli is saying to herself. Then she asks her about that and then roli tells her that she just wants the address of birju and wants to find him. Then mataji tells her that she does not remember his address and asks her that what she why she wants it. Then she tells mataji that only birju can tell them that what had happened that night there. Then mataji asks her to say clearly, roli then tells her that shakti is alive and she has seen him with her eyes. Then mataji tells that she knew that daduji would never lie to her. Then roli tells her that they can ask birju that what he had done with shakti’s body that night. Then mataji tells her that she does not know his address but knows that he used to stay behind an old unnati mill in a galli. Back at simar’s house, prem returns home. Then he tells them that he did not find a job till now. Then dadi tells that he will soon get one and then she goes with janvi to put on the curtains in her room. Then simar and prem are in the hall. Then simar asks prem that can he talk to panditji to keep a puja for shakti dad as it is shradh month. Then prem says that he will do it. Then simar asks him that where had he kept shakti dad’s skeleton. Prem tells her that he had buried shakti dad’s skeleton behind the mandir. All this is heard by shobha who is hiding and listening. Then shobha thinks that why simar suddenly asked prem about shakti’s skeleton.

Precap: Roli goes to birju’s old house behind that old mill. She then shows the photo of birju to the person living in that house and asks whether they know him. The man there immediately says that he is birju and tells that when he disappeared leaving his family there, he sold the house to him. Then roli asks him the date, then he tells that it was 21st july when his son was born and he had got the house and birju disappeared. Then roli says to herself that 21st july was mataji’s birthday date and that birju disappeared since that day.


Update Credit to: Vishwal

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