Dil Dosti Dance 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rey asks the group if all the preparations are done, Bharat says the light man isn’t attending the call again. Rey says they have to complete all the work today. They will rehearse early morning tomorrow. Sara goes looking at Rey.
At night, in the cab, Sara thinks about Rey, lost and smiling. At home, Sharon notices her to be lost too. At night, she lies on the bed watching Rey’s photos. She thinks this is the secret of his care, how stupid and how sweet. She thinks it is wrong, she must clarify that there is nothing like this between them. She tries Rey’s number, he was in the car and ask did she reach home safe. She says she wanted to talk to him. He says he isn’t, he was just going to flex painter. She says they will talk when they meet. He tells her to take care of herself.
Vicky and Bharat browse internet. Swayam comes and asks what they are doing. He leaves for the venue, then comes back and ask how they are going. He notices, and ask Vicky and Bharat what they were watching. He snatches the laptop, and is shocked to see Sharon’s online dating profile. He asks who did it. Vicky nods, that he made it. He shows him, Swayam’s own profile as well. Swayam gets angry, Vicky says they are doing for group. Bharat says there is a big story, but there is both of your’s benefit in it as well. Sharon comes there, and asks who two. Vicky says you and Swayam. Sharon says she doesn’t want to be associated with him. Swayam shows her the profile, they are worried. Bharat says they think they will get good boys this way. Sharon asks what is this nonsense, and why are they doing it. Bharat says it is for Rey. He says they have breakup, but they always fight and the whole team has to suffer. Simmi agrees. Swayam says he assures, next time they won’t fight. Vicky says if they have moved on, they must find separate dates. Sharon and Swayam together, says no. She looks at Swayam, then says she will find a guy for herself. Vicky asks Swayam, he says he doesn’t have time to waste his time and leaves for venue.
Sara waits at the tailor for someone. Huma asks the tailor to do it quick, and asks Sara if she is looking for someone. Sara says she was looking at the market. She goes to call aunty, calls Karma aunty and tells her that she is at the tailor shop with her friend Huma. Karma thanks her for helping him with this. She tells him to keep coming straight, Huma comes to her and watches this. She asks to talk to aunty, as she wants to say Hi. She says Hello aunty, Karma changes her voice. Huma shouts ‘Just go to hell, ok?’. Packs her bag up and leaves. Karma runs after her, and asks her to listen to him. He says he wants to say he is really sorry. Huma says he is forgiven, how much money he has won as he must have bet this forgiveness as well. She says she will give him the money he has bet. She leaves. Sara taps Karma’s back, and leaves.
Sara comes to Rey who was hanging a poster. He slips, and holds Sara from the back for support. Nil and Amar come to take their pictures. Rey stops them, and tells them to get ready. Sara tells him that the costumes are here. She says she is going to change. Sara says she is really touched, this is really sweet. Rey says this is his responsibilities. The sponsors come there, they say what matters in business is the result. Rey says he won’t disappoint them.
Sharon comes to rehearsal hall, Swayam stood shirtless. He asks why she has come to boy’s changing room, they argue. He gets him by the table, she asks politely if he is ok. She asks to help, he says he is fine. She comes close, and puts a balm on her back asking him to point where he is hurt. He asks her to be slow, he is her dance partner, if the injury increases she will be in trouble. They think about their times together. His phone bell rings, he tells Bua he is with his friends and will call a few hours later. He calls Sharon, she heads to leave. She was angry, why he called her only a friend. He says he is frustrated, and can never know what she wants. Sharon says she is fed up of all the constant fights, Bharat and Vicky were right that its time to move on. We should see other people.

PRECAP: Rey asks if everything is alright, he tells them they must do something extra. Swayam offers himself as partner, but Sharon says he is injured already.

Update Credit to: Sona

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