Kumkum Bhagya 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pragya thanks Abhi for uniting Purab and Bulbul. He says he did it for Aaliya as she loves Purab and Purab loves Bulbul, until he marries Bulbul, Aaliya will be behind him and will ruin her life. She says he does not look good serious. He says he is better than her who is unromantic. She says she can be anything but not unromantic. He pins her to the corner and tries to kiss her and she reciprocates, but he stops and asks how will she propose her, to imagine as he is her boyfriend and prove she is romantic. He asks if he is ugly that he cannot be her boyfriend. She says not like that. He says he can propose anyone anytime and says that is the difference between them, he is a rockstar and he is a worried teacher. He says he will give her 2 days to prepare herself to propose him, if she proposes him, he will change her name from chashmish and give a new name, says she should work hard as it is not easy to impress rockstar. He goes near her lips again and she closes her eyes again, but he blows air and leaves, leaving her lurching for kiss.

Abhi discusses about Bulbul and Purab’s marriage with Sarla’s family. Purbi says their marriage hall is still sealed. Purab says he will marry in temple. Abhi says he is like his younger brother and will arrange his marriage at his house. Pragya says what about Aaliya. He says she will understand. Sarla says how can she allow her younger daughter’s marriage at her elder daughter’s house. He asks her to stop thinking all this and says if she does not agree, he will take supreme court/daadi’s permission and she will get angry on her. Sarla says no need to trouble daadi as she is ill. Abhi says then she should agree to his terms. Aaliya calls Abhi and asks if he called her. He says yes, but she did not pick his call and says he will come home and explain. Aaliya thinks she was unnecessarily angrily on Abhi for slapping her, he is getting her the best gift in life/Purab.

Bulbul gets into room and gets shy. Pragya who is already in taunts her and shyingly hugs her. Pragya says she looks good shying. She says she is feeling blessed and it is all because of her and Jiju. Purab comes there and opens door. Pragya asks him to say whatever he wants to soon, else she will come back and leaves. Purab hugs her and she also reciprocates and smiles. Ishq kare so rab hi jaane….song plays in the background. Pragya guards outside room. Sarla comes and asks where is Purab. Pragya loudly says Bulbul that her jijaji has come. She runs out from another door and comes there. Purab comes from another door. Abhi says Sarla that he will leave now and walks out with Pragya. Sarla gives Purab shagun. He says how can he accept it. She says it is a ritual and asks Bulbul to get something for Purab. She says she will never cook for him. He says he will prepare then and asks if she will see that. She runs into kitchen to get him something.

Abhi in car thinks how to convince Aaliya. He sees Pragya smiling and asks if she has taken his words seriously and says he was just joking and says we both can walk together like a railway track, but not unite, praises himself that he is brilliant and asks her to continue her rehearsal of proposing her. She thinks though we cannot unite, we will be like a railway track as he said and reach our destiny.

Abhi gets into house with Pragya. Aaliya happily hugs and thanks him. Abhi asks what did he do. Tanu says they know that he met Purab and fixed Aaliya and Purab’s marriage. Abhi is shocked to hear that. Tanu calls all family memebers. Tauji and Taiji come and say Abhi that he fulfilled his responsibility as a brother. Akash asks which event management company to hire. Tanu suggests some name. Mitali suggests they should hire a music director also. Aaliya says she will decide with Purab and says he must be out and will go and talk to him. Abhi says she should not meet Purab. She asks why. He says because her marriage is not fixed with Purab.

Precap: Aaliya tries to hit Pragya saying she trapped Purab for her sister. Abhi tries to stop her, but she is adamant. He gives her a tight slap, which she deserves, and she falls on floor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Second slap !!!! Lolz

  2. YES! Finally shes gettin wht she deserves,

  3. Sabawoon Khan

    I’m not just thinking I’ve seen the promo aliya cutting her hand and I’ve readed the news about it without that I’m not mad saying rubbish things

  4. Abhi slapped alia again !!!!! whow abhi seems to be protective about his chashmish

  5. About flipping time! Aliyah real collecting slap these days..lol

  6. nice episode!!!!!!!!!!! I like it.

  7. Alia deserves more slaps and tan also

  8. They will not get married dude cummon it’s ekta kappor in the end will she ever let a couple unite

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