Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Govind saying to Sadhna that he is against the proposal of Radha before and even now, and asks her to end the matter. LD says what are you saying? How can you shout on Maa like this. Govind asks him to be quiet. Sadhna asks LD to go as she is talking. LD says no, it is not fair. Jayshree tells to Murari that Radha is making them fight from far and thinks what she will do when comes to our house.

Radha gets a phone call. She gets happy. Someone calls her and asks her to come for audition right now. She gets excited. The person says director wants to see your audition. Radha says she will reach there soon. She dances with joy while her friend and servants look surprisingly. She sings the song too. Isha thinks she has gone mad. Radha says whole world will see my Jalwa. She wishes she could inform her parents and thinks she will inform once it finalizes. Govind tells LD that you have become mannerless.

LD says it is matter of right and wrong. Dada ji asks LD to keep quiet. He says this is happening because of city culture. LD says sorry for talking to them in high tone and asks them not to say anything bad to his mom. He says no one has the right to scold my mom, not even you Dada ji. Dada ji gets shocked. LD asks please tell me what did I do? What mistake I have done? I just wants to rectify my mistake. You are angry with Phuphaji as he had not accepted Dadi Bua. I am also doing the same thing. I loves Radha and I am doing this for her. Everyone is shocked. Radha tells Isha that she never went to any audition before taking her father’s blessings. Isha says I will bless you. She asks her to relax and not take any tension about LD.

Radha says I can’t do and gets tensed. Isha gives her phone and signs her to call. Radha calls Sudhakar and informs him that she lied to her. She tells him that she came for film’s audition. Sudhakar gets shocked. Radha asks are you upset with me. I can’t face camera if you are upset. Sudhakar laughs and says he can’t be upset with her. He says you made me win in the life’s race. Isha takes the call and asks Sudhakar to ask Radha to get ready. Sudhakar wishes Radha all the best.

Dada ji says you thinks that this girl who wants to become a heroine can be a good wife for you. Will you be happy if she stays in Mumbai and you stays in Mathura….If you are sure then call her……..I wants to meet her once again. You wants to embrace new culture, so we will start afresh. He says I will take her test. Everyone is surprised. I will test to see if she can be good daughter in law. Jayshree is shocked and says what old man is talking about? Dada ji says this test will be continue complete month and everyone have to accept its result. He asks do you agree? LD says no. Radha prays for her audition to get fine.

Radha comes to the audition hall and imagines her mum asking her to leave this dream. Stop all this. She asks her to accept that she is married now. Radha closes the door and nods no. She again opens the door and steps in. She again imagines her neighbour saying it looks bad for married woman. One guy introduces her to the director, who asks her to do the best. He asks her to go for it.

Radha smiles as she sees the stage. She imagines Sadha sitting on the chair and gets surprised. Sadhna shows her bangles and asks her to wear it. She promises her that she will like her son and their family and she will accept them. Radha nods no and moves from there. She imagines LD saying her you looks cute and also saying I love you…….She then imagines her Dad asking her to give her best and wishing her luck. She is in dilemma what to do. However she goes on the stage and imagines everyone saying their respective dialogues. She couldn’t take it and closes her ears. LD thanks Dadaji as he agreed. He asks but why this test? Did Shyamali bhabhi gave this test then why Radha should give. It is about Radha’s self respect, I can’t ask her to give test.

It is my mistake to marry her in wrong situation. Dada ji says how we shall take your marriage seriously as it is a joke. What do you think about love? What did you see? You have gone against us for your love. Your mum was stubborn to send you to city long back. Today your college dismissed you from college. You joke with this girl and now saying that you loves her. You don’t have the mind to take a decision. Leave the decision on elders. LD agrees to let him take the test and says he will also give test. He says if my love is true then Radha will pass in your every test. He goes inside. Dada ji looks on.

Suhasini tells Sadhna not to worry as Radha will win everyone’s heart. She asks Radha to pack her bags as they are going to Mathura.

Update Credit to: Amena

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