Dil Dosti Dance 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ishika slaps Raghv saying I don’t believe this I fought my best friend for someone a liar like you. Swayam knocks at sharon’s office door, she hugs him from the back and excitedly says I am so happy. He asks is there a special reason, she says her boyfriend is taking her out on date; we get such little time to be together. Swayam feels guilty; she asks are you feeling guilty because you couldn’t wish me well on my birthday. Swayam says yes, how you knew. She says I can read your mind, he says you can never know what is in mind. She says that when you are lost, I feel you going far away from me. Swayam says you are glowing so much, she says her mom said the same. They heads to leave, Huma was coming down the stairs; Sharon notices Huma’s parents and asks Swayam what they are doing here? Swayam says VP must have called them. Sharon goes away saying her activities are like this.
Huma brings her parents to the rehearsal hall, they are excited. Her ammi boasts she took the right decision getting her admission in this academy. Huma makes them sit, and dances.
Swayam asks for the half credit of the coffee, but Sharon smiles and says all the credit goes to you. Sharon gets a call, she talks on phone that it will be really late if costume designer leaves today. Sharon begins to leave saying she has really urgent work. Swayam thinks about calling Huma, she doesn’t pick the call so he texts her.
They come to college, Swayam tries to keep Sharon with him, but she leaves. Huma’s ammi says her daughter will be India’s biggest heroine one day, when Sharon calls from behind what is happening here and what the hell are you doing here; who gave you the permission to use this hall. Her ammi asks who are you and how are you talking to my daughter like this. Huma says this is Sharon Rai Prakash- chief of the academy. Her ammi asks do you speak to your students like this. Sharon says neither am I her teacher nor is she a student. Sharon says do you know what is the punishment of trespassing the academy’s property; and the punishment is suspension. Her ammi says that this is a student here; Sharon says she rejected her herself, she can’t be a student here and warns to complain about her so that she won’t be able to enter the college even. Swayam comes there; he says I can explain everything. She asks did you know she is using the rehearsal hall. Swayam says yes. Sharon turns in disbelief. Huma watches Karma standing there. Huma calls Sharon but she stops her pointing finger, and says did I ask you; just stay out. She thinks about Swayam’s betrayal. Sharon tells Huma that this place isn’t for the rejected people, and calls ‘out!’ at her. Huma’s parents leave before her, she follows them.
Swayam asks Sharon not to complain against her. Sharon asks he still cares about her, who the hell she is. Sharon says you aren’t what I thought about you. She turns back, while Swayam was distressed. Huma comes behind her ammi, she stops to ask how much disgrace they had to bear. She says you lied that you are going to rehearsals. Huma asks her ammi to be quiet, as everyone is watching. She tells her ammi she is going to rehearsals in the D3 academy. Her ammi asks where it is. She tells her it is in a garage nearby; they will make a garage of themselves once they win a competition. Her ammi says that she will dance no more, and will go to auditions with her. Her father also leaves. Karma thinks the matter seems to be serious. Huma looks at him; he thinks is she thinking he brought Sharon here.

PRECAP: Kaka calls Swayam that Sharon had an asthma attack, he goes to her room. He says she will come with him to his house. She asks ‘Live in’? He says yes, live in.

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