Balika Vadhu 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadisaa getting angry on Gauri for insulting Ganga. Jagya asks, why didn’t you tell me. He says I will talk to her. Ganga stops him and asks what you will ask her. Jagya says, she doesn’t have any right to speak badly with you. Her thinking about you is wrong. Ganga asks him what he will say when she asks him about her. Jagya says, I will inform her that you are my wife. Ganga says, what will happen if her health deteriorates. Jagya says he can’t bear her insult. Ganga says I am bearing her every day. I can’t bear anymore. Dadisaa looks on pained.

Ganga says, she stops herself for Gauri’s well being. Gauri told that to a nurse and not Jagya’s wife. Dadisaa looks at her with surprise. All of us have accepted this responsibility. She requests them to control their emotions until Gauri go back home. Dadisaa tells her that she saw a good human in the land. She hugs her. She asks Jagya to make sure that Gauri go back to her house.

Subhadra is cleaning the house. Shiv asks, why you are doing this. Anandi brings tea and behaves weirdly. Shiv is shocked. Anandi asks Shiv to bring pizza for Amol and her. Shiv asks, why not for everyone. Anandi says, something is special. She tells in his ear that she wants to live fully and wants to eat pizza. Subhadra looks at her and thinks she will lower her respects soon in everyone’s eyes.

Saachi removes Suman’s bandage. Roshan and Rakhi look on. Saachi wipes her hands and asks Suman to move her fingers a little. Suman says she is fine. Vivek comes home. Suman praises Saachi for her recovery. Rakhi says credit goes to only bhabhi. Vivek brings sweets. Suman makes her eat it and tells that they have decided that she has to attend the interview. Saachi says, she don’t want to work. Suman says, she will take care of home and asks her to accept her decision. Saachi agrees. Roshan says we are with you. Saachi thanks her and makes everyone eat the sweets.

Dadisaa comes to godown with Gehna. Labourers greet them. Munim Ji comes and greets them. Labourers asks Munimji about their salary. Dadisaa assures that they will get it today. Munimji tells about PF. Dadisaa asks him to get the calculation book. Labourer says Munim ji is not able to understand the calculation then how can she? Dadisaa says, she will take care of everything. Dadisaa explains to them that a woman can do anything. She asks Gehna to take up the responsibility.

Gehna checks the balance sheet. Munimji gets tensed. Gehna calculates and asks him to call the labourers. She pays their salaries. Labourers get happy as they got more money. Gehna tells them that she gave them extra money to get their home repaired. Munimji tells them that she came to know about their loan request. They thank her and leaves. Dadisaa feels proud of her.

Anandi asks Amol about his science book. Shiv comes and gives Pizza to Amol. He says, you brought it for Amol and yourself, but sorry I got it for everyone. Amol calls everyone. Anandi is shocked. Shiv asks, what happened? Anandi asks, did something happening to me. Are you seeing a change in my behavior. I don’t know. Shiv says, something have changed which I can’t understand. I feel like living with two Anandi. Anandi gets tensed. Shiv says, may be it is happening because of stress and tells her that everything will be fine.

Subhadra takes the drugs from the vaid. Alok sees Subhadra with the vaid and wonders what she is doing with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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