Nadaan Parindey 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe waking up and seeing Meher sleeping outside near the door. She says she has been here all night. She wakes up Meher. Meher shows the red thread that she can’t go to Sameer’s room and she has not let her come in her room. Bebe kisses her forehead and says Meher, forgive me, I did not think this. Meher asks her not to apologize, I m your life, you did my upbringing, so you can be strict on me, you always did good for me. Bebe says how to tell you. Meher says don’t say now, if you feel its my good if I don’t know it, fine. She says this is my fate. She says she will make breakfast. Bebe cries and says Meher is sad, she used to fly in air and roam around before, now she is accepting her fate.

She says this is my selfishness, that has poisoned your life, to save Sameer, I got blind and risked your life, forgetting you. She wishes she gets all the troubles on Meher’s fate, and Meher lives happy as before. Iqbal looks at his beard and thinks to shave. He is unable to stand and Meher comes to help him. He says what I did yesterday night, I thought you won’t come to me now. She says you were angry, yes I felt bad, but you are mine. Come, sit, I will do the shaving. She asks him to forget everything, and does the shaving.

She asks him to remember their friendship, his innocence. She reminds him how he wanted to make her every dream true. She says then you went in army and then in enemy’s clutches. She says our love has seen so much, and I have every min account, but I don’t know when did I fall in love with you, whom do I love, the innocent Sameer or this strict responsible army man, the old one or this one. She says she loves the new one, who has learnt life after bearing so much. She says old Sameer was my friend, this Sameer is my love. She praises him.

He says the truth is old Sameer loves you, the new one does not love you. She smiles and thinks he is joking. She says she is sure he loves her. She leaves. Iqbal says I don’t love you Meher, as I can’t love you. He says you won’t know the reason ever, as I will not tell you. Mama talks to Mangal and says they will do the marriage in grand way, lets wait for few months. Mangal says I told this to Nimmi. Nimmi says we have a problem as Minty is a girl, and we can’t stop her from meeting Purab. Mama agrees and says if you think so, what can we say.

Nimmi says the date of engagement 13th august and marriage within two days. Mama says no, and changes date to 14th august. Channi is annoyed. Nimmi gives them sweets. Channi asks why so hurry, you need to do shopping too. Nimmi says don’t worry, I have made everything ready, tell me what you want for Purab. Channi fumes. Bebe talks to Angrez and asks him to take good care of Dhaba. Mama tells Bebe about the engagement. Bebe thinks about the incident happened on 13th august. Mama says we can’t forget this date.

Bebe says my world ruined on this day, how to forget it, what I lost on that day. Mama says yes, your pain is very big. Bebe says no one should know this truth, you promised me. Mama says yes, Sameer will never know this, but I said no to engagement on 13th. Bebe says whats the difference. Mama says you can hide the truth, but not the fact that its death anniversary of your husband. He says Sameer does all the rituals and links to his dad’s memories.

He says he has not seen his dad’s face in pics too. Bebe says yes, there is many things he has not seen or not know, I won’t do this year, I m done with this drama. Mama says we have to keep the havan, what will we say if he asks, we know who was his dad, but for Sameer and the villagers, he was………… Rabba……………plays………….. She says Sameer won’t ask anything. She thinks he is Iqbal. Mama asks why, are you hiding anything. She says she is fed up of this lie. Mama says we did this for Sameer. He says its our wound, let it be covered, I will do the havan arrangements. He leaves.

Bebe says how to tell you that she has to keep the lie alive, havan is important, but with a look alike’s hand. I have to lie again to hide one, I m feeling restless, maybe Baba has this answer. Purab talks to Minty on style and she is happy. Balli comes to meet Meher and says Nimmi won’t let you talk to Minty. He says tell me the message I will give her. He says I don’t know how Purab loves her so suddenly, but Minty is mad about him. Meher says I did everything, now its one way to kidnap Minty to stop her marriage. Balli says yes, we will take her to Gurudwara. Meher says I m joking.

She asks him to bring Minty to Gurudwara and she will talk to her there. Balli leaves. Purab hears her and says oh, this is the idea which will send you to jail soon.

Bebe tells Iqbal to do the havan. Iqal says he won’t sell his Imaan. Bebe asks him to sit in havan, else bring back Sameer, he does not have any other way.

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  1. omg….is sameer and iqbal BROTHERS!?!!?????sameer’s father was a traitor and went to the other country??????what a dhamakedaar story it will be!!!!lets see next…..

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