Dil Dosti Dance 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rey hugs Kriya wishing her happy anniversary in the restaurant and presents her with a gift. She says she feels bad as she did nothing for them. he gives her a show-piece and points that one is you and one is me. She says she is a bad girl-friend that she didn’t even remembered that day. He says to be honest, she is right. They take a selfie. A man come to congratulate the couple, Kriya asks You here? Rey asks Do you know him?
Sharon sits in the car crying, she thinks what her mom said to her. She thinks about the debt. She hits a guy on the road riding a bicycle. The guy goes by saying these are the ruined children of rich fathers. Her mom calls her, she throws the cellphone as she cries hard. She tells herself to control herself as everything will be alright. A small boy knocks her mirror and asks her for money, she hands her some money after which he leaves saying thankyou. She sees the children distribute the money and whatever they were eating.
The man introduces himself as Abhishek Kapoor. Rey and he shake hands. Kriya tells him she already said I am not interested. Rey asks interested in what. Abhishek says in a film, and appreciates her moves and dancing skills. He goes away saying that his girlfriend isn’t ambitious.
Rey tells her to sit down and asks where she met him. She says in a modeling agency, he looks at her skeptically. She tells him she did an ad for them. He says why she didn’t tell him. She reluctantly tells him that she wanted to give him a surprise with the pictures but they got into so many problems. She asks if he is angry. He says do you consider me an 80’s time boy-friend who will stop you to do modeling. She says she isn’t interested in this all and wants to give all her attention to his academy’s dream. He says that film is a big opportunity. She says they will work together for the academy.
Sharon calls Swayam and tells him to come downstairs as she wants to talk to him. he hurries and says thankyou so much you didn’t horn today else college would have expelled him. he notices Sharon is upset. She hugs her and begins crying. He asks what happened, did her mom say something. He asks did you fight her, she says no. she tells him that her mom told her that her house… She thinks what her mom said. Then makes up that she wont give her food to eat if she doesn’t go home in time. She looks away, Swayam laughs and tells her she was right. She says she said that Sharon must not have shared her idea with the friends. Swayam says she is right; Rey’s academy and St. Loius academy are in competition. He urges her to look things from her mom’s point of view. She thinks about all what she said to her, and says would she be able to fulfill her hopes. He assures she will. They hug each other.
Vicky says to Nil that it seems so odd, how Swayam and Sharon are managing their relations. Nil sees Kriti’d photo and asks why he is doing this. Vicky says she is engaged, Nil asks does she like him. he says he doesn’t know but cant ruin the relation telling her.
Rey comes home; his father tells him that one of her cousins’ want to take admission in NYU. He asks why NYU? His dad says it is a reputed academy. He asks why Kriya left NYU, it must not be easy to get admission there, she is so self-less that she left everything for her friends future. He tells him not to lose her ever.
In the dancing hall Nil, Vicky, Amar and Bharat dance. Swayam comes there and gives them the posters. They ask how much investment he did, he says his dad’s friend did this for free. Swayam says that at this time, they have no place so they can do the auditions at Bharat’s garage. Nil asks did Sharon tell him about St. Louis strategy. He says they don’t discuss this all; they must focus on their own strategies.
Sharon asks her mom ‘can she come in’. Her mom doesn’t look up and tells her to put her resignation on the table. She hands her the file and tells her that this is what she wanted two days ago. This file also has all the details about marketing and auditions etc. her mom asks did she make this one. She says that you must believe that I made this, I don’t let go of my commitments. And family needs are always important for me. Her mom says that when I said this all to you, you weren’t ready to listen. She says Swayam made her understand this. Her mom hugs her.

PRECAP: Nil and Vicky goes to different colleges to promote their academy.

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