Gustakh Dil 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sagar seeing Lajjo sleeping. He thinks of Barkha’s words and wakes up Lajjo. She does her practice and says I slept. He says don’t worry, you will give the interview well. She says I m tensed. He says its good, being tensed increases concentration. He says this interview is very important for us, you will reach people for the first time, you have to make a place in everyone’s heart with this, what are you, what are your thoughts, they did not see you, but you have to connect to them with your voice. Are you ready? Lajjo nods yes. He says yes good, and says this is your advance, go and enjoy. Lajjo says enjoy? He says sometimes you should pamper yourself, go for shopping.

He says buy a watch. She says I already have. He says but don’t value time. Lajjo bows down as she always come late. He asks her to feel like a star, to make people feel she is a star. She sees the cheque and says so much money. He says its just the signing amount, you will remaining after the contract is made. He asks do you have bank account. She says no. He says ok I will give you, and gives her a bundle of cash to spend, saying I will deduct from your money. She thinks about how dad was helpless at the time of her marriage, all because of less money.

She cries thinking Barkha valued money more than her. Sagar asks what happened, did you remember anything. She wipes her tears and says yes, I don’t know you will understand or not, but I did not see this much money together before. He says I understand, you won’t believe I m also from simple background, my dad was a clerk in post office. He says Mili is finding you, go and meet her, else she will complain to me. Lajjo says I did not think I will tell this to you, but you are a very good man. He says people think the opposite. She says they are mad, they don’t know you, thanks a lot, and you will not be ashamed because of me, its my promise. Sagar smiles.

Nikhil plans a day out with Rishi and Gunjan, he asks Ayesha to come. Ayesha says I m not fine and I have to complete my project. Barkha comes. Nikhil says I m going Dubai tomorrow. Barkha says Dubai? He says I have commitments. Rishi says he is taking us to shopping and dinner. Barkha says very nice, but where did you get money. Nikhil says I m doing a job, and getting salary, not using your money. He taunts her.

He asks everyone to get ready. Barkha thinks. Lajjo sees her parents and is very happy. She runs to meet them happily and hugs them. Her mum says I was missing you a lot. Her dad says Rancho gave us this address of Sagar’s home, so we came here. Sagar comes and Lajjo introduces her parents to him. Sagar says you did not tell us they are coming. He gives them a warm welcome. Sagar sees they are very simple people. He says you are my special guests, please come, and asks Lajjo to take a holiday and spent time with parents and show them Delhi. Lajjo says thankyou very much. Sagar says you are welcome and leaves.

Lajjo talks to them in English and they look at each other. Her dad thinks about Barkha’s taunts. They feel proud that Lajjo has made a stand for her. He says everyone in city is not bad, like Barkha. Lajjo brings her parents to the mall. They are shocked seeing such a big building. They get scared of the escalator and fall. Lajjo helps them. Her mum does not like such electric stairs.

Lajjo shows them the mall and some shops. Barkha meets Ratri. Ratri says how can Sagar talk about me like this. Barkha says he did not lie, you really cheated him. He can’t trust you a second time. Ratri asks but you trust me right. Barkha thinks she is a loser and tells her to grow up. Ratri says you want Trishna to lose, and I will see that. She drinks wine. Nikhil comes to the same mall and asks his friends too to come in the mall. He sees some bangles and thinks of Lajjo and smiles. Lajjo looks for icecream shop. Nikhil buys come bangles. He sees Lajjo and smiles. Even Lajjo smiles.

Lajjo’s mum is caught for theft. Lajjo comes there to defend her mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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