Ek Hasina Thi 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Durga suggesting Dev for the project instead of Shaurya. Sakshi greets them and leaves smiling. Durga thinks Sakshi did not came to threaten us, I wanted you to come here, as I wanted Dev to be on Shaurya’s place, Shaurya will be jealous and will not accept this failure, then you will be hurt and you will target Dev, then you will know how a person gets hurt when their relatives hurt them. Rajnath talks to the newspaper editor asking him to clean Shaurya’s image. Shaurya talks to Tina and flirts with her. Rajnath hears him and scolds him. He says our project is ending, I m lying to press, and you are still cool, this time I won’t forgive you.

They see a big frame covered by a red cloth and asks the servant who has sent this. Sakshi comes and says I have, this is gift for my son for his hardwork and smartness. Rajnath asks what did he do now. Sakshi reveals the pic and they are shocked seeing it. She shows Durga’s pic. Rajnath says Durga? Shaurya says why this. She says this is to hang this on your bedroom’s wall, as she is driving your life, she is your inspiration, your confidant. Shaurya says I make mistakes, but you can’t taunt me like this, the project will come back because of me. Rajnath says what? Sakshi says I know, so I brought this, you did great by telling your weakness to her.

She says Shaurya confessed to Durga that he failed in the exams, and so we are getting the project back, but on one condition, as Shaurya will not be heading this project now. Rajnath scolds Shaurya for being so foolish. Shaurya says what do you mean. Sakshi says yes, you won’t be the architect now in the project. Shaurya says I met her to take the project back. Sakshi says then why did she remove you from this project. Rajnath says don’t explain him if he can’t understand. He says its good we got the project. Sakshi says there is one more condition. Rajnath says yes, they will want another architect. She says no, they have chosen already. He asks who. Sakshi says Dev Goenka.

Rajnath and Shaurya are shocked. Dev meets Sonali. He says I read this file 100 times, the case is one sided. He says the witnesses changed their statements and said against Payal, it was not a lie, I knew Payal, she was not a girl like this. Sonali says do you know what are you saying. Dev says yes, I m saying against my brother and family. Rajnath says but Dev said he does not want to work. Sakshi says yes, so we have to request him to do this project for us. She says thank you Shaurya.

Shaurya says what thank you, how can you agree, how can Dev do this, what is his status. Rajnath says his status is he did his exams honestly and he has the real degree, so I m warning you not to get in this project now. He leaves with Sakshi in anger. Shaurya sees Durha’s pic and whistles. Sonali asks Dev what will he do. Dev says Nitya has many dreams, she wanted him to have a small car, knowing he was a driver, so she worked in the pub. He smiles and says she worked really hard and bought a small home. Nitya was Payal’s idol. Payal can’t frame rich guys, never, I can’t believe this, they got injustice, very wrong, after knowing this, I can’t be quiet, my dad has not compromised with his values, and even I won’t.

Sonali asks how will you prove this. He says Nitya told about a video clip. Sonali says might be in Payal’s favor. Dev says its missing. Someone sees Dev and Sonali’s pics. Dev says I will find out the video clip. Akash tells Durga how Dev, Sonali and Gawtham are related. Sonali is a lawyer and she is working for Dev. Dayal says but what will Dev do with Payal’s case file. Akash says I could not hear them, when I was taking the pics. Durga misunderstands Dev and says he wants to protect the people who has supported Shaurya. Dayal says it means Dev is the most smartest enemy, we have to be very careful.

Rajnath talks to Dev and asks him to drink. Dev says I don’t drink. Rajnath says you are exactly like your dad, he did not drink, when he came to know I drink, he asked me not to drink, great man, Arnav Bhaiya was really great, I miss him very much, whenever I see you, I feel you should work for your dad’s work. Dev says I will feel I lived all my life of I do this. Rajnath says you have an opportunity and you have to decide. Dev asks what. Rajnath tells him how they got ashamed because of Shaurya. He says I m ashamed that Goenka’s name got a stain, even this is of your dad.

He says I can’t let anyone spoil it, I need support, I want you to join us, the society gave us a lot, I want to give them back by the cancer project, you will do a big favor on me if you support me. He says I want you to become the chief architect of this project, please accept this. Dev is stunned. Shaurya is angry thinking about Dev. Dev tells Rajnath but……… Rajnath says I know you don’t want this work, I know Suchitra wants you to work for school, but think this can make her happy by joining family business, as this cancer project was close to your dad’s dreams.

Dev thinks. Rajnath says I m so sorry, I asked you a lot, what to do, I m feeling weak. He says you can think well and decide. Shaurya plays pool with Karan and hits the ball. Dev thinks he can get one benefit to see Durga and find out her secret, also reach Nitya’s diary. Rajnath asks what happened Dev, is it so tough to decide. Dev says no, I m ready. Rajnath is really happy. Dev says I accept this offer and smiles.

Durga shows her house to Dev. Dev looks around for Nitya’s diary. Akash calls Durga. Durga runs back to stop Dev from finding the hidden room.

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  1. shaurya has no shame of his work… nw dev become the chief architect… excited fr 2morrow epi8-)

  2. When does dev is going to know about durga????????nice serial

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